Terms & Conditions – Part 7

This chapter was written by Scylla.

Scylla just sat back and scowled at the whole situation.

She knew what the state of affairs was to be.  She wouldn’t be returning anytime soon to Gridania.   Her future was to be at the little company house in Shirogane, far away from the perceived danger of the Crystal Tower and Azys Lla.  No doubt they had likely taken careful steps so that she could not transport to the aetheryte so easily.

It was a near-future that spoke of careful monitoring under the watchful eye of the green-robed mage. But more frustrating, she would be forced to be in the near-proximity of that sick and venomous technomancer.

Not to mention, there were plenty of opportunities for accidents in Shirogane.  Perhaps a bit too much alcohol consumption while sitting at the end of a ship pier.  Walking through a rush-forest and finding oneself falling off a rocky-cliffside.  Drowning in one of their steam-baths.

No doubt that the fickle bard might go back on his regret and find ways to make those in his path… disappear.  His demeanor had already slipped back into his greasy, arrogant expected attitude.

There was nothing she could do about it. Benjamin held guard over them both, and there was something that just made her feel nervous and uneasy.  It was impossible to try anything against Amon while Ben was there.  Benjamin’s aether signature was decidedly different… almost otherworldly, like that of a voidsent creature, albeit without all the evil surrounding it.

Not to mention the forest-spirits had decided that Amon was their new poster-man-child. She knew he had been born of those lands, and perhaps they took pity on him.  At least they had some pity left for him.

But she did not share this pity.

“You deserved every bit of deception you got, Amon.”  Scylla crossed her arms. “And you get off with a slap on the wrist because some extradimensional forest beings are probably drunk on fermented sap tonight.”

The white mage stood up with a bitter frown on her face.   

“No different than at the Academy.  Or at the Emperor’s court.”  The woman made a motion as if she was thinking. “Arson, thievery, mutation… even murder… he can get away with everything.  This is just the start.”

Scylla turned and looked at Ben with a distant look.

“And what if I refused to cooperate?”  Before Ben could answer, she put up her hand.

“You don’t have to answer.”

“The reality is, I would be thrown in prison, and Amon would be free to roam about and frolic in Shirogane, continuing his efforts to open the tower.”

Scylla gave a dejected look as she picked up her few belongings.

“Why? Because the Gridanian spirits know that deep inside of Amon’s warped and bitter soul, there is some sort of nugget of goodness, just awaiting the nurturing spirit, love, and companionship.”

The white mage gave a spiteful stare at Amon, as she gathered her cane and strapped it to her back.

“They say that the elementals are different than us, and impossible to understand.”  Scylla shook her head as her voice trailed to a whisper. “Apparently they aren’t so different than any of us.”

“They can be deceived, too.”

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