The Ride Home – Part 2

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

“Not directly, but yes, in a round-about way. You know how nothing can be simple and clean with these people.” Ben offered a slight nod. “You can consider me a mage-for-hire. I’m not fully affiliated with anyone, but when delicate situations such as this arise, the city-states have people like me to fall back on.”

He sat down next to her with an appraising eye, then he answered the question before it could be asked.

“Yes, I know about who you and your companion are… or rather… were. At least, to the little extent that the Eorzeans know their histories. Which is to say, not that much,” Ben tilted his head and leaned back casually. “Perhaps I might come to know more at your leisure. But for now, the important thing is that you are both alive, unharmed and returning to the mainland.”

“You don’t understand the half of Amon- not like I do.  You weren’t the one who was torn in half and merged with hellhounds.” Scylla took a deep breath, chest heaving as she struggled to converse.  “When he gets tired of you, he’ll do the same… or worse!”

“He’ll sweet-talk and promise you the world only to crush you in the end in one of his aether-drugged rages.” She clenched her fist at her side.

“Do you know how I ended up where I was? He tried to use me to open the Tower so he could free his mutant slaves and voidsent conspirators!” She looked aside, face flushing in anger.

“Do you think it’s over?  He’s obsessed with tearing apart this world in his conquest for power, just as he did the last!  Please… if you know the histories, you know how he twisted everything around him.”

Scylla begged, hoping that the mage could hear the sincerity in her voice.

“You can’t unleash him on this world!”

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