The Ride Home – Part 5

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

This was far more information than Ben expected to get from the Allagan. Especially since he really didn’t know her all that well. She was much more open to the right questions than Amon was. Amon appeared to trust nothing.

“I see,” Ben said quietly, trying to digest everything that he’d just learned. “But, now, Amon has learned the truth that you were not involved in Clio’s death. How did he find out?”

“What?”  Scylla shook her head. “What do you mean?”

“From what you said, Amon fully believed you were guilty, and he was acting on this fact. But now, I sense he’s questioning whether this is true or not,” Ben didn’t know fully how to explain what he knew. So he fell back on the excuse that Eorzeans seemed to accept. “Call it a hunch. Or maybe the Echo?”

“But this is Amon. He’s a trained dramatist, and he could be pulling your heartstrings just to find a weakness.”  Scylla warned.  “As for my absolution of guilt… it’s going to take more than the observations of a peculiar mage in green to believe it.”

“I suggest you speak with Amon for yourself, then. Since you are far better equip to see through his chicanery than I.” Ben suppressed the slight smile that wanted to tug at his lips.

She could be just as haughty as she accused her Bard friend of being.

“This is completely up to you. However, this ship ride may be the one uninterrupted chance you get to find out for yourself. I cannot promise that Amon will be welcomed warmly when we get back.”

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