Within the Lab – Part 1

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Amon checked over his notes once. Twice. Three times.

This would have been a lot easier if he’d had all of his old research to base this off of. But he didn’t, so he had to build his theories anew.

His previous area of study had been in life-aether transform and revivification. Moving the soul-awareness and living energies from one physical form to another. This was quite different. In fact, it was nearly the opposite.

Instead of trying to retain the aether and transporting it, Amon was trying to find a way to release the aether back into what the studied in Eorzea called the “Life Stream.” But there was a catch – releasing too much of the energies that sustained life in a being would naturally result in death.

So here he was, trying to find that delicate balance between releasing enough of the energies that threatened his life… and not releasing so much that he wouldn’t survive the process. This was perhaps the most frightening thing he’d ever put on paper.

The Allagan glanced over at the foundations of the aether extraction device he had poured hours into. It was far from perfect, he knew, which only increased his risk. But these were the only resources he had on hand.

Ben and Koh had traveled to Azys Lla four times in securing the parts they brought back to establish the beginnings of his device. Each time, he sent them with a new list, inspired by the bits and pieces they brought from the time before. Slowly, he had amassed enough that he began to piece together what passed as a lab.

He’d also been gifted with some equipment of what appeared to be materials from the alchemy guild, along with a small cluster of crystals. He wasn’t sure exactly who had sent this additional equipment, but the stamp of Gridania had been on the package. So, he took it as a gesture of good will.

Now, Amon frowned at his notes, comparing it with the outcomes of his labor. It… wasn’t nearly as sturdy as he’d imagined it in his mind. That was something he’d have to work on. But for now, he connected the last few wires of his invention, then took a step back to admire it. 

There was a sudden sound of shouting far down the hall.  Doors swung open and then shut, followed by further groans of displeasure and arguing.

“You cannot simply let Amon establish a laboratory, Koh!” 

Scylla pushed open the door, yelling back at unseen individuals before letting her scarlet eyes settle on Amon and his conglomeration of wires and crystals.  She recognized some of the parts,  some of them with the rune-stamp of her father’s personal laboratory of Azys Lla.  But it had been put into a configuration that haunted her from the past – an aether-transfer module.   

“No… no…. ”

She mumbled to herself, pushing between Amon and the machine and started gently disconnecting the wires.  Images of a wicked, aether-corrupted scientist wearing a mask flashed in the back of her troubled mind.

“This is not good….  This is not good…”  Scylla kept repeating in a mumble as she searched for tools to start dismantling her father’s parts.  

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” Amon protested, and before he thought better of it, grabbed Scylla’s hands to pull her away from the device before she could do any harm to it. “’Tis mine and not yours to meddle with. Who do you think you are coming in here like this?” 

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