‘Twasn’t me! 

“I swear I didn’t break anything this time!”

Last week, Scylla and I got as far as unlocking the Gauntlet during 5.3 before we had to break for the night. The next day, not thinking about the state we’d left the First in, I went off to do Dwarf Beast Tribe quests on Amon. I was taken aback to see that the starfall weather was persistent across zones, and had to go and take a few shots of it!

Amon… stop breaking the First!

Shadowbringers Complete!

Though it’s pretty obvious I was nearing the end of MSQ with Amon, I did officially finish it all up tonight. This was my second time through, and I still walk way with tons of feelings. 

Anyhow, Amon is caught up story-wise, but I still have quite a bit to do write before I officially take his story towards the First. I figure we’ll have a few years where Shadowbringers is the current expansion, so I’m not in a huge rush.