Amon’s Gallery

I knew about some of the paintings around the balconies of the Final Curtain in Syrcus Tower, but I was informed that there’s a whole gallery sitting around the doorway between that and the throne room. I didn’t catch this before mostly because it’s really dark and everyone is usually in a rush and looking at loot between boss rooms. 

I got ST as roulette today and remembered to stop and get some zoomed in screens – thank goodness for the in-game /gpose brightness setting! So we have Amon, Syrcus Tower, and some strange blank blue glass (?) on the right side. Then Xande and his throne on the left side.

Bonus: I took some zoomed out shots of the Final Curtain and the Emperor’s Throne since I was there. 

Inktober 30 – Sacrifice

When you sacrifice your humanity, sanity and entire life for your creation – a thing that is completely incapable of caring for you in return. 

I always thought it was sad that even with his dying breath, Amon was trying to protect Xande. I guess when you spend your lifetime creating something that you hope will be the savior of your people, you want to keep it safe… even if in reality, it’s a creature warped beyond all comprehension. 

FFXIV: Amon Picture in Syrcus Tower

So, after reading that there’s an Amon picture in ST, which I somehow overlooked during the photoshoot I took of The Final Curtain months ago, I decided I needed to see it for myself! I got ST as Alliance tonight, went back after we were done fighting, and sure enough, it’s there!

It’s somewhat out of the way, but you can see it in a balcony seat as you round the stairs up from the entrance. The rest of the balconies have paintings of Syrcus Tower in them. Not sure if this is the only one of Amon, but it’s the one I saw.