Amon’s Gallery

I knew about some of the paintings around the balconies of the Final Curtain in Syrcus Tower, but I was informed that there’s a whole gallery sitting around the doorway between that and the throne room. I didn’t catch this before mostly because it’s really dark and everyone is usually in a rush and looking at loot between boss rooms. 

I got ST as roulette today and remembered to stop and get some zoomed in screens – thank goodness for the in-game /gpose brightness setting! So we have Amon, Syrcus Tower, and some strange blank blue glass (?) on the right side. Then Xande and his throne on the left side.

Bonus: I took some zoomed out shots of the Final Curtain and the Emperor’s Throne since I was there. 

Inktober 30 – Sacrifice

When you sacrifice your humanity, sanity and entire life for your creation – a thing that is completely incapable of caring for you in return. 

I always thought it was sad that even with his dying breath, Amon was trying to protect Xande. I guess when you spend your lifetime creating something that you hope will be the savior of your people, you want to keep it safe… even if in reality, it’s a creature warped beyond all comprehension.