Art: Meddlesome Allagan!

I haven’t forgotten that I wanted to color some of the requested pieces from Inktober of last year. I’ve just been very slow about it!

I’m messing around with a new waterpaint style – just exploring and having fun with it. But here’s a disgruntled Midgardsormr taking a chomp out of Amon’s sensitive ear!

Launching My Redbubble

Last year, I created a set of stickers to give away to followers of my Tumblr and Twitter account. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally placed them in a Redbubble storefront for any interested individuals. These seem to be larger in size than the ones I had printed off, too!

Eventually I’ll be adding more art – stuff from my webcomic and online stories – but for now, Amon has the spotlight!