Spot of Mummery Joins Blaugust – Festival of Blogging

See the official Blaugust announcement for more information and to sign up!

What’s more appropriate for a blog about Amon than a FESTIVAL of blogging? Truly, it’s a celebration of bloggers, the blogging community and the art of blogging. It doesn’t matter if you have a WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr – bloggers who want to create solid content and talk with other online writers are welcome!

Blaugust welcomes those who are:

  • New to blogging
  • Thinking about blogging but don’t even have a blog
  • Blogged before but haven’t blogged in a while
  • Currently silly blogging and want to build a more focused blog
  • Currently blogging and just want to connect with other bloggers

The folks at Blaugust are here to support you, answer your questions, provide post feedback and be a community of bloggers.

Spot of Mummery isn’t my first blog by far. And this is not my first Blaugust (I act as a Mentor in the Blaugust channel). I’ve decided to adopt Blaugust on this blog because it’s the one I’m currently trying to build up and experiment with. I hope that my experience in making a transition from Tumblr to WordPress may offer some interesting thoughts, insights and posts to the blogging community.

I also hope to do some networking here, meeting new folks and expand my own readership along with the readership of this blog.

If you have any interest at all, click that link at the top of this post. You can find a Sign Up form there, a link to the Blaugust Discord and a calendar of suggested weekly topics.

3 Year Anniversary Thanks

Three years ago today, I relaunched the Spot of Mummery Tumblr as my FFXIV writing and interaction project. To all the friends and folks who have joined Amon and friends on their journey – thank you so much!

I say “relaunched” because the first time I tried creating a FFXIV RP Tumblr for Amon, it didn’t last. For whatever reason – the atmosphere of the RP community or just my lack of planning (maybe both) – I found it very difficult to introduce my story to the Tumblr folks.

I wrote a bit about that experience, and how I almost deleted Amon’s character in FFXIV here on the 1 year anniversary post and the 2 year anniversary post. Since I’ve already chatted about this in the past, I won’t belabor the topic this year!

Back in December, I decided to expand upon the foundation of the Spot of Mummery story and project. I created this WordPress blog, for one, and copied over much of the non-interactive content to it.

I also started to meet new folks on Twitter and develop the Spot of Mummery account there.

Having a WordPress blog allows me to work on sub-projects such as the Tea and Tomes Shop and the FFXIV RP Directory. I also want to blog about topics that have to with MMOs, creativity and RP in MMO games (specifically FFXIV).

I’m also working on revising and reposting Amon’s story – Spot of Mummery – both on the WordPress site and on the Royal Road website. Not to mention, Scylla and I are still writing upcoming content for the story!

It’s hard to believe that three years later, the tales about a silly Allagan Bard are still rolling along. Thank you again for each comment, ask, tweet, like, follow – If I can offer you a smile on your dash or stream in return, then I feel this has all been a success.

May there be much more Mummery to come!

Amon’s Tea and Tomes – Now Open for May!

Submit your Tome for appraisal until May 31 to enter the May Mogstation Giveaway!

Tea and Tomes is back and better than ever! I took a month off in order to upgrade my equipment and provide better services for future clients.

Over and over, when offering appraisals back in March, I became acutely aware of the need for a data backup feature – especially in light of important content on Tomes that may be close to failure due to wear and tear. Thanks to all of the donations received, I will be able to offer this service – for free! – upon client request.

I hope that you’ll give me an opportunity to try this new feature out!

It doesn’t take very long to set up a backup, and I will happily provide you with the content on a specialized SDTome card that I’ve developed that is compatible with most modern Tomephones. You’ll find this as an option when you bring your Tome for appraisal.

May’s Mogstation Giveaway: One individual will be randomly drawn from those who participate in Tome appraisals – sending in this form before June. Choose one minion from the Mogstation (including from any of the limited edition FanFest minions).

Tome readings available to everyone – follower or not! Everyone will be entered into the giveaway (even if I don’t get to your appraisal before the end of the month). Feel free to respond to the appraisal as an RP prompt/thread with Amon if you wish – completely up to you! 🙂