Spot of Simmery- 3: Blast Off!

Today’s Spot of Simmery is just a short one since exciting things will be starting next time! I still thought this was a fun little adventure.

So Enio gets invited to attend Geek Con. Right up his alley! I sent him along, hoping he’ll spot Iva out there. No such luck. 

Oh, well. Time to have some fun, anyhow. 

Expectation: Play video games in a VR environment. 

Reality: Blast off on a rocket into space! 

So, apparently having space faring ships at a Geek Con is a thing (I’ve played with them before, but it’s been a while). Enio saw other Sims doing it and decided he wanted a ride. 

This launched a full-on mini choose-your-own text adventure wherein Enio’s GPS immediately failed once he got out into space. Eventually, he discovered a distant satellite of some sort, though there seemed to be little of interest there. Looking closer, he discovered there was a little cave hidden under a tree. 

Delving within, he found a hidden treasure cache! I told him to take it back to his ship to open it, and just in time, too. A hoard of angry spider-aliens were on his tail! He beat it out of there and somehow made it back home. 

The treasure ended up being a common space rock, but Enio put it on his desk to commemorate the time he blasted off into space. 

He’s been to space and back, but will Enio ever meet the love of his life? Stay tuned! 

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Do You Know Your Gamer Motivations?

In a previous post, I mentioned a couple of matrix used to consider a gamer’s interest and motivation. It just so happened I was reminded in a post from The Ancient Gaming Noob (thank you!) about the Quantic Foundry’s Gamer Motivation Profile.

By taking a short online quiz, you can discover more about what your gaming interests are through a pretty cool in-depth report on your gamer type. If you sign up for an account on the site (you don’t have to – you can do it as a guest without an account), you can save your results, take the quiz again at a future time, and explore various other interesting topics across the site.

I’ve taken the quiz before in 2015/2016 – I believe back when it was version 1 – and it was no where near as in-depth as it is now. You can peek at my old scores here on my other blog.

So, as a MMO player who has proclaimed that I value creativity, some social interaction and immersion, what do I get when I take the Gamer Motivation Profile quiz?

Well, this is fitting. Especially since Amon (my main RP personality) is a bard!

Here’s a few more interesting bits:

This is pretty close to some of the scores I had before. But this time, the Foundry also provides secondary motivations.

I feel like this gives a much more in-depth idea of motivations, actually, despite being labeled secondary.

You can see my entire profile here, too, if you’d like!

So what’s your motivations for playing the games that you do – be they MMO games, app games or single player games? Why not drop by the Foundry and see what your profile says – let me know if it’s accurate for you!

And maybe, if you feel like you’ve been in a gaming rut lately, you’ll discover something about what motivates you that helps you determine if the game you’re playing is just not checking all the boxes for you. That happens sometimes, and there’s no shame in it. Remember, we play games to have fun, so if you’re just going through the motion in your MMO, or whatever game you’re playing, then maybe it’s time to access where you are and figure out if that’s where you should be.

Enjoy yourself and keep on gaming!

Party for the Smooth Rock

I remember seeing not too long ago that there’s a large rock in Central Shroud that has bad textures, which makes it look more smooth than anything else. This rock was dubbed the “Smooth Rock” and folks believe that tonight’s hotfixes may patch it out.

So about an hour before the servers went down for maintenance, I saw a bunch of posts on Twitter talking about the good-bye parties being thrown at the Smooth Rock. I decided just on a whim to go out and see what this rock looked like (before it was gone) and see if there really was a party.

Well, there was a party, including a full performance by the Moogle Troupe! So Scylla and Amon headed out to participate!

An overview of the Smooth Rock from a distance

Having a Rock Party on the Mateus server!

Next Day Update: Smooth Rock was indeed patched out. RIP Smooth Rock.

The actual not-smooth rock in the background
A Roe who named himself Smooth Rock who is now lying dead at the base of the fixed stone