Newly Renovated – Crystal Lab R&D

Amon’s brought a bit of the Crystal Tower to Shirogane with his newly redesigned lab. The Observation Station even has more privacy now! Woot! ((Really, it’s looking less a lab now days and more of a nerd hangout….))

Anyhow! If you want to stop by on Mateus, there’s a guestbook there for visitors! Feel free to pop in and take screens if you like what you see!

Free Company Sleeping Quarters

It’s been a while since I decorated a themed room for our Free Company house. Since some characters, like Amon, don’t have an actual bedroom within the house (or even in his apartment now), I decided to turn Tad’s personal room into a sleeping quarters for the FC members for RP purposes. 

When I saw those new beds in 5.3, I knew I wanted to use them for something, and this seemed just the layout! This isn’t fully complete yet – I’m sure I’ll find more decorations to go in here over time, but it’s a pretty solid floorplan.

Amon’s Top Secret Lab (Remake)

I’ve been redesigning Amon’s Lab in our FC house now that we have a bunch of new furniture options with Shadowbringers.

He’s got a brand new communication “tower” a new workstation, an observation room (complete with note-taking Allagan node and spotlight) and tons of potion bottles! It’s not 100% complete but it’s moving in the right direction. 

Anyone on Crystal is welcome to stop by! Just beware the slime leak!