What’s On My Head?

So Koh has finally hit level 60 Arcanist in game, and I’m starting to consider writing about her learning the art of Summoning. Up until now, I made her a minor healer (because the FC didn’t have one at first) and somewhat “Scholar” because she is technically an Allagan scholar… but more in the research way and less the Fairy way. 

Now days, the FC has lots of skilled healers, so I feel she’s somewhat redundant in that role. Considering she has the guidance of an Allagan mind within her (Noah), it makes sense that she could learn Summoning if she set herself to do so. 

She’s just not fully sold on the hat.

Inktober 12 – ARR NPC

Koh Rabntah / Noah

They both have a rather sad story in ARR. 

Koh was so young when coming under possession of Noah. Based on the Lore Book, this “temporary” situation is an ongoing one. And based on the game itself, this hasn’t been resolved.

I did have a plotline brewing where Amon has promised Koh and Noah that he’d find a way to restore them both to independent bodies. I haven’t forgotten about this, but I backed off on it just a little to see if the FFXIV team remembered Koh and decided on some kind of story for them. I’m still waiting, to be honest.

The reality is, we have a lore-based Allagan soul with the mind and knowledge of an archmage sitting in Eorzea. Thankfully, Noah chooses to leave things as they are and seems to want Allag left in the past.

BTW, Noah… smoking is a bad habit and smoking while in someone else’s body is downright rude!

Koh Got Amon’s Hat!

I’ve been running Alliance with Koh every now and then to level her. Got ST tonight, and Amon’s Hat drops.))

I was shocked that I greeded on it and actually got it. Especially since one of our FC buddies was leveling his Bard and I was pretty sure he didn’t have the hat. Afterwards, I asked him why he passed on it. 

Told you that you were getting posted!

Inktober 31 – Future

Let’s end this Inktober on a happy note! 

What does the future hold? I still have plenty of plot to go with Amon’s story, for one! Above is the Spot of Mummery cast, along with Scylla, who are going to help Amon make it through to a hopefully better future. We’ll see what awaits! 

And… I can’t believe I actually made it through all of Inktober! Even though traditional pen isn’t a strong medium for me, I wanted to challenge myself to see what I could come up with. Thanks a million to everyone for likes, comments, and reblogs who gave me that bit of inspiration to keep going through this month!