Party for the Smooth Rock

I remember seeing not too long ago that there’s a large rock in Central Shroud that has bad textures, which makes it look more smooth than anything else. This rock was dubbed the “Smooth Rock” and folks believe that tonight’s hotfixes may patch it out.

So about an hour before the servers went down for maintenance, I saw a bunch of posts on Twitter talking about the good-bye parties being thrown at the Smooth Rock. I decided just on a whim to go out and see what this rock looked like (before it was gone) and see if there really was a party.

Well, there was a party, including a full performance by the Moogle Troupe! So Scylla and Amon headed out to participate!

An overview of the Smooth Rock from a distance

Having a Rock Party on the Mateus server!

Next Day Update: Smooth Rock was indeed patched out. RIP Smooth Rock.

The actual not-smooth rock in the background
A Roe who named himself Smooth Rock who is now lying dead at the base of the fixed stone

A Unicorn’s Tale

So, I’ve heard tell of unicorn sightings – often seen by conjurers in particular. Curious as to these rumors and the truth behind them, I’ve made to visits the Conjury Guild in the past. I didn’t have much luck seeking information in their books or from other students, however.

Today, just as I was about to head out, one of the Conjurers told me there were reports of a wounded creature, and requested my assistance in finding it and helping it however possible. I’m still not the best when it comes to tossing around healing spells, but I agreed to check it out.

When I got there, wouldn’t you know it…

This looked very much like a unicorn to me. Fascinating!

I could also tell on first glance that it was, indeed, the reported wounded creature. I wasn’t quite sure how it would respond to my advance, so I inched forward very carefully… I made no other motion but to attempt to heal its wounds.

This actually must have worked (for once) because it immediately reared up and resumed what I took to be proper unicorn posture. Though… with my lack of unicorn knowledge, ’twas hard to tell.

Our eyes met. She… for some reason I knew this was a mare… gave me a long, soul-searching look. I held my breath, not knowing what to expect. And then, before I could say or do anything, she was off, racing away like the wind.

I could only marvel to myself as I headed back to report the incident to the Conjurer at the Guild.

Indeed, the Conjurer confirmed I had found and healed an elusive unicorn. But not only that… apparently that moment of shared onlooking, ’twas a sign of trust and kinship. How a creature known to be so pure could find kinship in me… ’tis absolutely baffling.

However, I was given a special horn and told to use it once outside of the township. When I did, much to my surprise, my new unicorn friend appeared as if out of nowhere! And she was more than willing to bear me wherever the wind would take us!


Hanging Out at Starlight Events

Scylla and I have been checking out a few Starlight Events this weekend, and just enjoying some laid-back community atmosphere.

The first event we stopped by was the Starlight Joust and Frostfaire. There was so much going on at the Joust that I forgot to take any screens, but here’s a couple Allagans watching the Frostfaire from afar.

This afternoon, we also stopped by the Palazzo Aldenard performance of A Starlight Carol, which is an amusing adaptation of A Christmas Carol. This was a pretty laid back RP event with the performance at the heart of it, and we all had a good time.

Amon even performed a bit at the steps before the show opened while we were waiting in line… and he was mistaken as being part of the show group at first! Of course, I had to say that I was just there to see the show but wanted some Christmas music to pass the time!

Performing while waiting in line…

And front row seats for the performance!

Amon still wants to know what they did with that Starlight Dodo afterwards!