FFXIV: Role Play – Signing an Autograph for President Obama

So, tonight, I’m just barding in Gridania and helping folks give gifts to the sprouts on Mateus. When all the sudden, I see a group of folks in suits headed our way.

When in performance mode, you can’t see names, so it took me a moment – and looking at chat – to realize that this was President Obama and his body guards.

What happened after that, I display in below chat. I did clip out other folks and their text to be polite – there were a lot of people there, interactions and and fistbumps exchanged with the President.

Fiddle Friday: Peaceful Music

Happy Friday all!

Fiddle Friday is a weekly post that I kept up over on my Tumblr. I’ve decided to make a place for it on this blog now, too!

So this week, we could all use a little relaxation and and chill time, right? So here’s a long-playing Peaceful Violin track with a chill lake background. If you need more chill in your life, you can find a lot more of these long-playing tracks at this channel!