FFXIV RP Directory Updates

Happy Monday to you! Here’s some updates to the FFXIV RP Directory!

As always, if you have a character profile, location or event you want to add, just fill out this short form and I’ll review and add you to your proper server page!

New Primal Server RP Resource

Today, I have a wonderful surprise!

I was contacted by Edda of White who is the owner and curator of Edda’s Housing/Venue Encyclopedia for Primal – an extremely valuable RP resource for the Primal Data Center. While I don’t feel comfortable just adding entries to the Directory without the owners sending a Submission (I take that as giving permission to use the information), was was overjoyed to have Edda’s permission to link to this resource in the NA Data Center section of the Directory!

If you’re listed in Edda’s resource, you’re more than welcome to Submit here, too! Also know that I’m absolutely happy to link to existing resources like this one to share them around. Anything to help people find each other more easily!

New Directory Submissions

Please let me welcome the newest friends of the Directory:

  • W’seru Ihsir
  • Aislinn North
  • L’enore Arhien
  • Saide
  • Eliane Requingris
  • Laelia Belisar

It’s also my honor to add one additional well-known event:

  • Lucky Sparrows

Thank you all so much for your submissions and for all the work you’ve put into your profiles and pages!

Again, the Directory is open for new submissions from here on out. We accept RPers of all sorts – new and veteran, casual and hardcore – anyone with hopes to get their profile/page out there and connect with others is welcome here!

No Judgement – Just Role Play. 🙂

FFXIV Role Play – Creating a RP Character Profile and Linking it in Search Info

Whether you’ve already rolled a character and ready to jump into the world of RP in FFXIV… or if you’re just taking your first steps into exploring new character development, creating a character profile is important.

Just the act of thinking through and filling out a profile is helpful for fleshing out your RP character in ways you might not have already considered. This is also very helpful in connecting with other RP players by providing them all the information about your character they need to know in one place.

Once you have this profile page, wherever you decide to put it (I’ll get into that later), you can then link it in your FFXIV Search Info within the game (more on that later, too).

Find A Template

You can make up your own profile template if you are so inclined, but it might be easiest to use an existing one to start out. You can always edit the template to cut whatever isn’t relevant to your character or add to it later if you want to expand on it.

Here’s some samples of templates to get you started. Feel free to Google “RP Character Profile Template” for more, though!

Choose a Platform

The platform where you post your profile is completely up to you. This might be determined by what social media platforms you prefer or the ease of use and access. I’ll list a few that I’ve seen, along with some samples.

FFXIV Roleplayers Wiki

Since I already noted this site in the templates section, I may as well talk about the FFXIV Roleplayers Wiki. This site has been around for as long as I can remember and hosts quite a selection of RP profiles to view. You can select from specially created templates provided on the wiki or create a page from scratch. The templates often look really nice and have interesting sections on things such as relationships, music, stories and more.

The one downside to using this site is that to get the most out of the templates and formatting, you have to have a bit of a grasp on the Wiki markup language. But if you don’t mind a little coding, this is a nice place to keep your profile.


If you’re a Tumblr user, you can create your profile as a post on your blog. This tends to be the foundation of the most-used template that I’ve seen going around on that site. Tumblr is easy to use and your post will be easy to update should you need to. Also, good use of tagging will help to promote your character’s profile to other RPers on Tumblr.

The downside is that the URL for a Tumblr post is too long and convoluted to use as a quick link in your FFXIV Search Info. You can always use a URL shortener if you want, or you can create a static page version on your Tumblr for a shorter URL. I’ve done that here.

Here’s some samples of character profile posts on Tumblr for you to see.


Creating a free site at Carrd is also a popular option for many RP profiles and RP functions/events/groups/locations. I’ve never personally worked with the platform, but seeing how many people use it, it must be fairly easy to jump into.

I’m going to post a few samples of Carrds that friends have made – I hope they don’t mind! These were just very good examples!

  • Character Profile – See how they placed all social media links there, and grouped info by AU
  • Tavern Page – Includes RP info, event info and a menu
  • RP Group – Read about who they are and how to get involved if interested

Another plus is that the URLs for Carrds are pretty short, so linking them in Search Info isn’t a problem!

Google Docs/Sites

If you have far too much to organize about your character, you can always go with the tried and true Google Docs. Most folks are pretty comfortable using Google Docs – it’s functional even if it’s not pretty. However, the downside is, again, a very long URL for linking – a URL shortener will be needed. You’ll also have to make sure you have sharing permissions open so that folks can see your doc.

Though I’ve personally never tried Google Sites before, that’s another option. It seems easy to use and you can set a custom URL for your site, so that helps with the URL length issues. It’s more fancy than a Google Doc, so if Google is your preference, that might be a way to go.

Add the RP Profile to Your FFXIV Search Info

Now that you’ve got a public profile on the net (and hopefully a short URL), it’s time to put it in your character’s Search Info for everyone to see.

To Write a Search Comment:

  1. Click the letter O on your keyboard.
  2. Right-click your name and select Edit Search Info.
  3. Type your information in the Search Comment box. Note that you only have a limited number of characters.

And there you have it! Other RPers can now find a link to your character’s RP profile in game!

You can view other players search comments through search itself.

To View Someone’s Search Comment:

  1. In the Social menu, select Player Search.
  2. Click Search Conditions.
  3. Enter the character’s first name if you have a specific character in mind. Another good option is to toggle the RP flag and just search for people who are currently looking for RP.
  4. Click Execute.
  5. If someone has a search comment, you’ll see a talk bubble with three dots next to their name in the list.
  6. Right-click the name and select View Search Info. Their comment will show at the bottom of their search info box.

Now get out there and make yourself a profile. Or if you have one, make sure it’s linked in your search info!

FFXIV: Roleplaying a Bard – Music Performance Made Easy

It’s obvious that Bard has been one of my favorite jobs in FFXIV for years because I just like how it feels in battle. However, when you choose to roleplay as a Bard, it comes with some expectations.

On one hand, being a Bard is pretty great. You can get away with being a little eccentric, outgoing and over the top. I’ve noticed that being a well-traveled storyteller or musician serves as an icebreaker when meeting potential RP players across many different situations. Especially if you have a fancy glamour or hat!

On the other hand, if you introduce yourself as a Bard in RP, sooner or later, people are going to have the expectation that you can actually play music, recite poems or tell stories. So before you decide on roleplaying a Bard, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeves for those occasions!

The good news: FFXIV has a music performance system in game for your Bard to use. You can unlock this feature at level 30 Bard. The quest is in Gridania near Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater.

The bad news: Unless you’re a PC keyboard music wiz or a musician who has a MIDI keyboard linked to the game (I’ve met some who do), it’s not so easy to use the music system.

BUT… let me introduce you to Bard Music Player.

This is a tool that allows you to sync MIDI music for use with the performance feature in FFXIV. I’ve used it for years and watched as it’s become a more and more robust program over time. It can now impressively handle multi-track MIDI files, which tend to sound especially nice on the Violin family instruments that were release last year.

There’s not much setup involved, and all the information you need is on the website itself. You just:

  1. Download the tool from the main page.
  2. Bind all of your performance keys in FFXIV properly – see the manual here.
  3. Wherever you place the tool’s EXE file, create a separate folder called “songs”.
  4. Put MIDI files in the songs folder.
  5. Run the Music Player in Administrator Mode and follow the manual on how to launch a song for performance.

This may seem like a lot but once you’ve set it up and tried it a few times, it’s not that difficult to use. You can make playlists of your favorite songs and just let your Bard play through the list, or you can select specific songs and impress your RP partners!

You can edit your own MIDIS or find a load of MIDIs that the BMP community has created here. You can also join their Discord server for lots more music, or for support if you run into any snags trying to use the program.

Just keep in mind that FFXIV does not allow players to upload video of Bards performing copyrighted material. This can result in a ban if you do. You can play those songs in game, just don’t record and post them anywhere.

So now that you know how to do it and what to use, go out there and make some music, Bards!

The Conjury Guild’s Newest Addition

You read that right! As of this past weekend, Amon has joined the Conjury Guild under the direct tutelage of Scylla. This is no joke.

I warned folks in the last Author’s Notes that I’d start to talk about Amon’s current development arcs. While we still have to write and make public the long process Amon went through to develop his Red Magery skills, this is the newest current development challenge he’s undertaking.

Character-wise, there’s a long and complicated explanation for taking him in this direction. While Amon does care about people in general, he’s fairly lacking in the deep empathy department for individuals outside of his closest circle. That comes from having to close himself off emotionally from so much in his previous life… but now that he’s in a relationship with Scylla, that’s a concerning thing to her!

So in learning to heal, he’s also trying to learn empathy for others and how to make true connections with people. But the first hurdle he has to overcome is even figuring out how to tap into aether outside of himself – most of the magic he’s cast through his life was pulled from his own aether reserves, magnified by a focus or some sort of alteration. It’s a big shift in mindset for him to have to rely on something other than himself.

Like many things, this development all started with a joke. Well, sorta a joke.

I’ve been considering a long-term development project for Amon lately. At this point, I’ve leveled his Bard and Red Mage… all of his crafters and gatherers. And while there’s plenty of things still to explore, I have much more fun writing for him as a character when I’m working on developing something in tandem with game development.

I thought about all the possible things, and then I went beyond to the things I normally wouldn’t choose to do. Like healing. While I have all of my healers to level 80 on my main character, that was done through beast tribe quests. The last time I actually healed in a party was probably back when you still had to stance dance Cleric Stance for proper damage output vs. healing.

I tossed this idea out to Scylla prefacing it with: “It’ll probably never happen, but I thought about…” And it went from there.

Just like for Amon, healing is something outside of my comfort zone as a player. While I don’t know how far I’ll get with trying it, I decided that if I’m going to do this, I’m going to start from the very beginning and learn everything again from the ground up.

And, so, Amon vowed to embrace nature.

Because, honestly, given the fact that he is Forestborn and has distant connections to the elementals through his family line, only Conjury made sense to choose as a healer class. I didn’t want to go Scholar because I absolutely do not want Amon to unlock Summoner – it’s not in his character to ever have that ability. And Astrologian, while it’s a neat class, would force Amon to suspend his disbelief in what he’d consider superstition.

Conjury not only encourages him to understand empathy, but has a direct connection to his childhood and the better parts of his past. I can only see good coming from him going back to his roots as a forest Elezen.

Of course, Amon will always be Amon, so don’t expect him to be a shining beacon of goodness if this all pans out. I don’t even know if I can really muster up the courage to heal!

Author Notes: On Amon’s Development

Welcome to the first ever Author Notes for Spot of Mummery!

As I announced this past weekend on Tumblr, I’m changing up how I do things at Spot of Mummery. Rather than focusing on only an in-character RP/interaction Tumblr, I’ve decided to transition this project into a blogging/writing/interaction combination. This blog at this domain is now the source of truth for my creative content for Spot of Mummery and the social media accounts tied to it are either content mirrors or meant for continued interaction with others.

Due to this transition, I feel a lot more free to discuss Amon’s current character development – which has developed far, far beyond what I’ve shown on Tumblr. When locked into an in-character account, I felt I could only show what was made public for Amon through the story and light role play. Now that this is more of a writing project, I feel I can discuss other developments!

The reality is, my long-time RP partner-in-crime (Scylla) and I have written years worth of interactions between Amon and Scylla (and other RP characters we’ve developed). These span many development arcs for both of them, lots of AU-type experimental plots, many new characters who haven’t been introduced yet… that sort of thing.

Currently, Spot of Mummery (the story) has become a re-creation of these long-term RPs. We sit down together, and figure out how to condense months worth of RP into a bit of story that hopefully doesn’t overwhelm. There are a lot of subtle things that never make it in, of course. But we do our best.

The newest development for Amon (that just began over this weekend) is one that’s meant to challenge me as a FFXIV player, as well. I don’t have proper screenshots for it, so I’m going to wait to post about it until I do (probably tomorrow).

This will be the first time I talk about Amon’s current character development, rather than waiting for it to show up in his official story (which is something like a year behind who he actually is now). Granted, not everything I develop in RP will make it into his story, and with Tad’s tale on my mind, things may end up quite different as that plays out.

We’ll have to see how it works!