FebHyurary 1 – Selfie

Meet Noah Atlin!

Noah? You mean Allagan Noah?

Come on, now. You didn’t think I’d be doing something that wasn’t Allagan related, right?

Anyhow. So this is my headcanon Noah – the same great archmagus who trained Une and Doga. The one who got her soul stuck in an artifact, which Koh later discovered when Syrcus Tower was open to the scholars, and led to the in-game predicament of Noah soul sharing Koh’s body.

Bad life choices, Noah.

We know very little of Noah’s personality aside from Koh’s entry in the offical lore book:

Koh Rabntah is a researcher with the Sons who, when exploring the newly unearthed Crystal Tower complex, came upon an orb of mysterious origin. Upon closer examination, she awoke the soul that slumbered therein – Noah, the famed Third Astral Era archmagus of Allag and the court-appointed instructor of Unei and Doga of the imperial family. In that moment, Noah’s spirit escaped its crystalline gaol and flowed into Koh’s body, taking possession of it as a temporary vessel.

Koh and Noah are as different as north and south. Noah displayed great passion toward both her research and apprentices, and was known to oft behave with wild abandon. Indeed, it appears that the imprisonment of her spirit was the result of an uncontrolled bout of simple curiosity.

Koh, by contrast, is a woman as timid as she is shy. When the archmagus returns control of her body – usually after an extended night of drink and debauchery – the Keeper of the Moon is in a constant state of fluster, owing to the excess attention Noah commands while she is in control. 

(Referenced from Encyclopedia Eorzea, Page 200)

In my own writing, I’ve toyed with the idea that Amon would find a way to separate the souls of Koh and Noah, by giving Noah a cloned form of her old body to inhabit. I haven’t written it yet, but if I do, this is what I felt Noah might look like. From the description above, it seemed to me that a spunky, spirited Highlander woman would fit the bill!

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White Mage Time!

A day later than expected, but Amon has finally graduated into White Magery! And yes, I do have lore-possible ideas on why Amon could actually be accepted as a White Mage. Especially since (and I didn’t remember this until doing the quest line again) Everschade was the one who presented the White Mage Soul Stone.

A Conjurer and His Tank

Amon reached level 28 Conjurer last night, and is just a tiny inch away from level 29. So if all goes well tonight, he should graduate into White Magery finally!

I’ve been practicing in leveling roulette every night with Scylla as my tank with her offering her expert healing guidance from a tank perspective. She likes to pull fast and sometimes I get a little worried that I won’t be able to keep up (I start to get anxious when the tank is even a little bit out of range), but it always turns out fine.

Amon also got the gloves that go with this set. I really like how the new gear looks even if it’s low level stuff!