Inktober 18 – WoL Pair (NPC/WoL)

I don’t have a NPC/WoL pair – Tad is happily married. So I modified this prompt a bit. 

Amon is technically an NPC, so have a moment of familial affection between cousins. Their skills actually complement each other quite well when they work together… if they stop competing against each other long enough to make that happen. XD

Also, first sketch of Tad with the new hairstyle! 

Wind Caller

The new Wind Caller hairstyle (modeled after Canopus – one of my favorite Tactics Ogre characters) actually doesn’t look half bad on Amon. It’s just not his style. 

Guess who’s style it is, though? Tad’s!

I didn’t realize how long it was until I got it for him!

Inktober 5 – Scion Companion

For obvious reasons, none of my characters personally know the Scions. However, while I cannot draw you a Scion for this prompt, I can draw you a very loyal companion instead! 

This is Panda Friend, Tad’s tag-a-long best buddy. Yeah, Tad is bad about coming up with names, so “Panda Friend” stuck. You’ll rarely find Tad in game without Panda Friend nearby. 

I have yet to figure out exactly how I’m going to write Panda Friend into Tad’s story, but I have a few ideas!

Inktober 1 – Warrior of Light

So, just last month, I finally announced my intention of making Tad (Amon’s younger cousin) my official Warrior of Light… with the catch that he lives in the 4th Age and is not the current WoL! Maybe one day I’ll brainstorm a way to bring him to the present time. Who knows. 

Anyhow, here’s the first Inktober prompt, and the first time I’ve attempted to draw Tad!