Spot of Simmery- 7: RIP Bee Box 🐝

‘Twas a dark and stormy night,

While lovers ate cookies with delight,

For its life did the bee box fight…

But alas!

Did the lightning strike!

And this is the end of the bee box’s tale. 🐝

I was so intent on watching the happenings inside the house as Enio and Eva started kicking off their relationship, that I didn’t take much notice about the storm happening outside. When I heard the lightning strike, I started hunting around to see what it was that got hit outside.

Sure enough, there sat the bee box. Black and inactive. Dead.

Struck by lightning – RIP bee box.

The only option I had was to replace it.

I decided that after all the trouble the little critters gave me – so much that I even had to move the box to a far-away place in yard to prevent them from pestering the mail person – that I could wait to replace them until later.

Not like Enio was all that worried about a bee box at that point. No, he had bigger fish to fry.

“Reel Her In”? That better be a fishing book and not a romance self-help book!

Not to mention, all of his app development was starting to get him noticed. But as his fame went up and he earned additional perks from it, the game slapped him with the most debilitating quirk there was to have.

Enio became… a phone fanatic.

At first I thought… oh, well, that could have be worse.

No. No, my friends.

A sim being addicted to checking the phone is the absolute most annoying thing ever. It didn’t matter what Enio was doing, if he had a spare second to sneak in a peek at the screen, he was stopping to do that.

The house could have been on fire and he would have been content to stand there and check his phone. Maybe Tweet about it. Sounds like some people I know.

Anyhow, it was bad.


Hopefully Eva can smack it out of him, if bribed by cookies.

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Spot of Simmery- 6: Kiss the Chef

While the girls chit-chat in the other room, Enio gets to work making his culinary magic – namely, a batch of chocolate chip cookies. But these aren’t just normal cookies, oh no.

They’ve got the audience enraptured from the moment they come out of the oven!

These must be some amazing cookies. Either that or Eva is really craving some chocolate that night. She just can’t tear herself away from them – from eating one to smelling one.

I mean, look at the size of it on her plate! That’s a masterful cookie right there!

The cookies put Eva in such a great mood that Enio decides to take a risky chance and goes in for his first kiss.

She looks a little surprised, but she doesn’t deny him!


Though while he’s over there thinking about his future with a beautiful woman he just managed to kiss…

It’s obvious where Eva’s priorities lie… as she sneaks one last cookie out into the stormy night on her way home.

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Spot of Simmery- 5: Come On Over!

So, last time, Enio finally met Eva. They had a quick chat while she was working as the mixologist at the bar, and he managed to get her to agree to a selfie with him. 

In the meantime, he’s been making his living as a freelance programmer and fix-it guy, coding things when requested, and even releasing his first phone app – Allagan Rush! 

This actually earned him some *fame*, since I have the game pack which has the fame system included. Next step is to code a full video game! 

Well… maybe after he gets that blue screen taken care of. 

Enio has also been consistently inviting Eva over to his place. She always seems more than happy to stop by when he calls. 

They spend an eternity just sitting and talking. Seriously. I’ve not seen two Sims who can’t stop chatting it up with each other like they do. I doesn’t matter what either of them is up to, they’re always talking. 

This is good, though. Since the tiny house perk is that relationships build faster than normal, these two become pretty close fairly quickly. Even when other friends are over visiting, Enio and Eva can’t be separated. 

And that’s when the first romantic gestures begin creeping into their interactions. 

Well, now. I think this just might be going somewhere. 

Enio, why not make your guests something tasty to keep them hanging around a bit longer? 

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Spot of Simmery- 3: Blast Off!

Today’s Spot of Simmery is just a short one since exciting things will be starting next time! I still thought this was a fun little adventure.

So Enio gets invited to attend Geek Con. Right up his alley! I sent him along, hoping he’ll spot Eva out there. No such luck. 

Oh, well. Time to have some fun, anyhow. 

Expectation: Play video games in a VR environment. 

Reality: Blast off on a rocket into space! 

So, apparently having space faring ships at a Geek Con is a thing (I’ve played with them before, but it’s been a while). Enio saw other Sims doing it and decided he wanted a ride. 

This launched a full-on mini choose-your-own text adventure wherein Enio’s GPS immediately failed once he got out into space. Eventually, he discovered a distant satellite of some sort, though there seemed to be little of interest there. Looking closer, he discovered there was a little cave hidden under a tree. 

Delving within, he found a hidden treasure cache! I told him to take it back to his ship to open it, and just in time, too. A hoard of angry spider-aliens were on his tail! He beat it out of there and somehow made it back home. 

The treasure ended up being a common space rock, but Enio put it on his desk to commemorate the time he blasted off into space. 

He’s been to space and back, but will Enio ever meet the love of his life? Stay tuned! 

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Spot of Simmery: Intro

While Final Fantasy has been a series that I’ve played since the original game for the NES, The Sims is another series I’ve played from the start. Even before Sims 1 came out, I played SimCity and a number of other Sim games. So, when Sims released, I was instantly hooked and have been playing ever since. 

In early 2020, I decided to get back into Sims 4, especially after having picked up a number of packs on sale over time. I decided it would be fun to create an Amon Sim (and maybe eventually a Scylla-rival Sim could be fun) and see what trouble he can get into.

I launched the series and wrote a number of post for it, but once the world got crazy and COVID began to really hit, I lost momentum with the project. I’ve decided that I’d like to start it up again, reposting from the beginning! So here we go!

Often, I tend to roll back to the previous generation when I’m focusing on making a particular sim because developing the parents and family first is fun for me. So, I created an Eniopus (Amon’s father) and Eva (Amon’s mother). 

Eniopus is kinda your scruffy inventor-programmer geek guy. 

Eva is your naturalist, and creative-musical type. I also want her to unlock the magic elements of the game. 

How these two ever meshed, I don’t know. But I guess I’ll see if it works out in the Sims! 

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