A Paladin's Dream - Part 1

Date Posted: September 4, 2019

Mocho was well aware that something had come up amongst the Free Company members – most likely between Amon and Scylla (yet again). He was informed that Amon was currently nursing the outcome of the situation in their infirmary. And while his own good fortune wasn’t something he meant to flaunt over the Bard-in-recovery, the Lalafell felt he owed Amon this story.

After all, it had been the Elezen who set him on the right path to begin with. Perhaps his tale would contribute to making Amon feel a little better.

Mocho had never been much of a fighter. In fact, he grew up in the textile business and worked as a weaver for most of his young life. One couldn’t get any more pacifist than that.

However, there was always that little part of him that looked upon the Sultansworn with pride and respect, even in the days of his youth. There were a lot of rough things about Ul’dah, but the Paladins represented a light in the shadows for him and his brothers.

Strangely, though, it wasn’t until after surviving the Calamity that… something… had changed for him. That’s when he discovered he was one of a number of people known as Echoblessed. That’s when he was called away from his loom to some sort of bigger purpose.

Only, Mocho was never quite sure what that purpose was. He was not a lad anymore. And even if he had been, learning the way of the sword and shield would have still posed a challenge for him.

While his heart was stalwart and his desire to protect his companions true, more often than not, he ended up the one needing protecting. He kept his disappointment quiet, and his blessing a secret. How could he face the world when he continued to fail time and again?

But in meeting with the people who had taken him into this Free Company, he’d been given a new job. At first, he was tasked to observe and report the situation dealing with Amon, especially if anything got out of hand. During this, he’d continued to work to hone his skills and learn the way of a protector. His companions – even Amon – had encouraged him not to give up and to take his time in reaching for his dream.

Now, unexpectedly, his dream had come true.