Restoration: The Truth

Date Posted: August 30, 2018

Everything about this situation left Amon disarmed. The lack of his mask. Kan-E-Senna sitting only a room-span away. The fact that she knew him by his real name. And…

How does something like this even happen?

As if she sensed his confusion, she folded her hands and said, “You must have many and more questions.”


“As do I,” Kan-E-Senna fixed him with an unwavering gaze. “So I propose we trade. Truth for truth.”

“The truth has never been my strong suit, My Lady,” Amon tried to regain some face with a grin.

“Perhaps this can be an exercise in strengthening it, then.” 

That was very quickly squelched. There was a little more bite to this tiny woman than he realized.

He gave a slight laugh under his breath. “Very well.”

“As a gesture of goodwill, I shall start,” Kan-E-Senna said. She took a moment to collect her words before speaking again. “’Twas no accident that you found yourself in Gridania after you awoke in Eorzea. In fact, many things are not an accident, Amon.”

The Elezen leaned back, just glad to have enough mental clarity to work through the words.

“You were rescued by the Sons of Saint Coinach when they entered Syrcus Tower, seeking what relics and research they could. They found you in a very dire condition, and quickly learned you weren’t one of the warriors who had entered to fell the threats in the Tower.” She spoke slowly, each word measured and honest. “And when they could not decipher who… or what… you were, they brought you here to be tended.”

“I see.” This made sense.

There was a huge hole in Amon’s memories from the time of his defeat until… well… just that one day when he was suddenly aware of the fact he was still alive and in Gridania. He had too much on his mind to really question it, and no one ever hassled him, so he didn’t think much of it.

“Almost immediate upon your arrival, the Spirits spoke to us of your origins,” Kan-E-Senna nodded slowly.

“Guess I’m a popular guy,” he tried to joke with a shrug.

“Indeed.” This won him a smile in return. It was like hitting first prize in the Jumbo Cactpot. “We sought advice from individuals who were gifted in the Echo to confirm and clarify what the Spirits told us. That you are, indeed, Amon of Allag.”

The Elezen swallowed down this information. “How… many people know that I’m here?”

“A select few.”

He groaned and covered his face.

“Fear not,” Kan-E-Senna reassured him. “We were very discreet.”

“Why?” He looked up and furrowed his brows at her.

“Because, there are enough people in high places who know your story.”

Amon shook his head in disbelief. “You protected my identity?”


“Instead of taking me out back, and beating me like a rug or… or… hanging me or… whatever your people do to creatures like me?”



“Because,” she took a deep breath. “This may sound nebulous, but the Spirits agreed. These happenings are naught at random. There is meaning and reason in your coming to Eorzea. And, all life, including your own, is something worth protecting.”

Amon looked down at his hands, feeling the heat of shame rising in his face.

“I am aware that this is not a creed you lived by in the past,” Kan-E-Senna said softly. “But perhaps, now that you’ve been spared and judged to have value, you will extend that courtesy to others.”

“This… was your choice?” he asked quietly.

“It was,” she confirmed. “Just as it was my hand that healed you when you were brought here. There were some who feared interacting with an Allagan, much less you in particular.”

This made him chuckle a bit. “Well, I’m nothing to fear anymore.”

“The strength of your aether signature in this room says otherwise.” 

Amon shook his head again. “This form is too weak to utilize it, My Lady. ‘Tis what has made me fall ill to begin with.”

“What made you fall ill is your inability to be truthful to your companions.”

He winced at that.

“Yes. I am aware that you’ve withheld information from the girl, Koh, who tends you. This set her up for failure, no matter how hard she tried. That is rather unfair of you, Amon.”

“I…” he didn’t know how to explain himself. “She would be… distressed… to learn that the aether has opened itself to me again.”

“Amon.” She gave him that look. A look similar to the one he remembered his own mother giving long, long ago when he was being dumb and unreasonable.

“Did you just give me the Mom-look?”

His candid question took her by surprise, earning another smile. “You appear to require it.”

Since he was on a roll, he decided keep going. “How are you so well-informed on my personal business?”

“’Tis my secret.”

Amon wagged a finger at her. “You said we’re talking truth. Secrecy is not truth.”

Kan-E-Senna gave a slight sigh, but looked unruffled. “As I said, many things are not by chance. This includes those who chose to be your companions.”

He froze, his eyes widening.

“Part of my bargaining to allow you to walk freely included me taking the responsibility to keep watch on your activity. That was easy to do as long as you remained in Gridania,” she admitted. “But once you wandered afar, we needed eyes on you.”

The Elezen choked in accusation. “Elder Seedseer. Are you saying you spied on me?”

She mulled over this question, glancing off in the distance for a moment, her lovely face lost in thought. Then, Kan-E-Senna turned and nodded. “Yes.”

Amon’s mouth hung open for a while, feeling completely duped. Then, he started to laugh. He couldn’t help it. Something about this was too funny.

This also explained his strange feelings… what he thought was a crush… towards Kan-E-Senna. It seemed so out of character for him. But now he realized, perhaps something in his subconscious was aware of the fact that she’d helped him… healed him… and was the one who gave him the second chance.

“Pray tell, what is so funny?” She gave him an odd look.

“All this time, I thought I was pulling the wool over everyone else,” he snickered and wiped his eyes. “My Lady, you have beaten me at my own game!”

Kan-E-Senna smiled yet again. This time, there was just the tiniest bit of pride there. “You are a strange man, Amon of Allag.”

“Indeed. And one who is in your debt.” He flashed his charm in her direction, but couldn’t tell if it had any effect. 

“Perhaps.” There was a slight twinkle in her eye. “You may yet repay that in time.”

“We shall see.” Then he prodded, “May I ask who the spy is?”

“You can ask, but I will not answer.”

He groaned. “Really?”

“You know that is not how it works, Amon.” She looked the other way with a hint of a smile still playing on her lips. “Besides, the so-called spy has been taken in by your charms, I’m afraid, and is fairly neutralized. We are lucky that we get any information at all anymore.”

“Ah…” Amon tilted his head back. Kan-E-Senna would not afford him the information, but he was pretty sure he knew who it was.

The Elder Seedseer rose to her feet, signaling that their conversation was coming to a close. She placed a tiny, cool hand on his own in a gentle motion. He felt his pulse quicken at her touch and tried to school himself to calmness.

“For now, I ask you to rest. We’ve set up crystals to regulate the flow of aether temporarily in this room. But you will need a more permanent solution. For that, I shall call on Koh.”

“You don’t have to tell her…”

“No, I won’t,” Kan-E-Senna interrupted with that Mom-look again. “You shall tell her.”

Amon groaned. There was no getting out of this.