The Forgotten Age

The Fourth Astral Era 

There exists almost no records of the years immediately following the fall of the mighty Allagan Empire. This dark period is loosely referred to as the Forgotten Age, for very little is known of how its people lived. 

The Fall of Civilization 

From what information – mostly based on oral tradition – remains of the early Fourth Astral Era, blame for the fall of civilization was placed firmly on man’s lust for knowledge. The people deemed that the answers to life’s mysteries were best left with the gods. Pursuit of that which lies beyond man’s ken was seen as a sin, and that it was this covetousness that proved the impetus for his destruction.

A widespread shunning of any and all manner of higher learning began. Books were burned and parents refrained from teaching letters to their children. Surviving Allagan technologies were destroyed, buildings were toppled our buried, and the learned – what few remained – were exiled or even killed. 

Civilization took a giant leap backward to a time not unlike the Second Astral Era. The pendulum had swung, and an era-long thirst for knowledge was quickly replaced with an unmoving fear in the heavens. Stories of the Allagan Empire survived now only in scripture, where the fallen civilization was reduced to a simple device used to teach lessons on the sin of hubris. 

– Encyclopaedia Eorzea, Page 29