Tome Appraisals

Tome Appraisal for Flint Bryning

((NOTE: Flint is written by my RP partner, so this is normal “friendly” banter between the two.)) Amon looked up from the book he was reading, his face immediately darkening with a frown. “Flint,” the Elezen scowled even deeper at the man’s verbal jabs, “‘Tis a serious business undertaking here! Not a place for you … Continue reading Tome Appraisal for Flint Bryning

Tome Appraisal for Ren the Raen

Amon welcomes the young Raen with a smile, “Aye, of course ’tis okay – ‘twould be my pleasure, in fact, to explore the content of what’s on your Tome!” The Elezen offers a chair to her, motioning to the freshly baked goods on the table as he brings over her order of Lavender tea. “Please … Continue reading Tome Appraisal for Ren the Raen

Tome Appraisal for Alley Rat

Amon smiled warmly at Alley, her enthusiasm being quite catchy. They’d spoken a time or two, so he was genuinely glad to have the chance to talk a bit more with the cheerful young woman. “‘Tis always nice to see you, my friend. ‘Twould be my pleasure to discover the contents of your Tome for … Continue reading Tome Appraisal for Alley Rat

Tome Appraisal for Ren Astana

Amon looked up at the sound of someone approaching, eyebrows lifting at the sight of the Hrothgar. He hadn’t had a lot of dealings with the large felines, so this was an exciting prospect to him. “Welcome, welcome! No problem at all, sir. ‘Tis what I’m here for,” the Elezen flashed a wide smile and … Continue reading Tome Appraisal for Ren Astana

Tome Appraisal for Altuun Dalamiq

“Greetings and well-met, Altuun and friend,” Amon gave a slight head-bow to the woman and her carbuncle as they settled in without any prompt from himself. His eyebrows lifted as he peered into the box at the perfectly preserved Tome. Certainly he didn’t see something like this every day! “Curious! This looks almost newly-minted. You’ve … Continue reading Tome Appraisal for Altuun Dalamiq

Tome Appraisal for Yume Garlond

Amon instantly perks up at hearing his newest client’s name and connection to the Garlond family and Ironworks. He’d not expected to welcome such important individuals at his humble little shop! “Lady Garlond, ’tis my honor to meet and assist you!” The Elezen quickly gives a nearby table a bit of a polish as he … Continue reading Tome Appraisal for Yume Garlond

Tome Appraisal for Fifisu Fisu

Amon peered over counter at his newest client with a welcoming smile, “Greetings to you! I am Amon of the Tea and Tomes and I would be more than happy to see what mysteries your Tome contains. Certainly, you’re wise to find its value before handing it off to the Moogles, my friend!” He set … Continue reading Tome Appraisal for Fifisu Fisu

Tome Appraisal for Eolyn Viera

Amon smiled widely at his first customer – a little surprised to see who it was. So Eolyn had some faith in the little device he’d mentioned to her during their travels in Mor Dhona. “Welcome to my humble shop! ‘Tis always a pleasure to see you, my friend,” the Elezen gave a slight bow … Continue reading Tome Appraisal for Eolyn Viera