About the Author

Net Name: Aywren Sojourner 

AKA: “Wren”

Gender: Female

Age: Middle Aged

Interests: Fantasy Fiction Writing, Webcomics, Graphic Art, Web Design, Blogging, MMORPGs, Oldskool Video Gaming, Internet, Software, Computers & Technology, Music

I play a variety of MMOs and single player games, mostly on the PC, Switch and sometimes the Nintendo 3DS. I’m an old skooler, having played since I was very young. I tend to prefer RPGs, strategies, sandbox games, sims and some survival/adventure games.

Recently, I’ve begun to learn to play fiddle and ukulele. I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, and while I’m starting a bit later in life, it’s a fun time. 

FFXIV: I’ve played FFXIV since since September, 2013. In August, 2018, I moved my main characters from Midgardsormr to Mateus, where I’ve done the bulk of my story and character development. The result is what you see in this blog here. 

Social Media: I’m pretty lax about meeting folks on social media and interacting, but I will be selective about who I follow. I usually check new followers and will generally follow back if you are a FFXIV-focused account.

I reserve the right to unfollow if someone gets too spammy, especially with non-FFXIV content. Suggestive and adult content is completely blocked on my social media through tags and keywords, and too much of that from any one person will also cause me to unfollow.