Here are the wonderful commissions I've recieved from very talented artists across the net! I've tried to link to the account of the artist, but some have vanished over time. So the lack of link means that I can no longer find the artist's socials.

Aether Healer

Amon Bitty by Aether Healer

Aurelia Polyps

Red Mage Amon by Aurelia Polyps

Beast Hunter Galvus

Amon by Beast Hunter Galvus Tad by Beast Hunter Galvus Scylla by Beast Hunter Galvus

Bloodsworn Marshal

Adorable Amon by Bloodsworn Marshal


Scarf Share by Jitterz


Amon by M-108 Amon by M-108 Amon by M-108


Amon by Madqueenmomo

Sketchy Nick

Amon by Sketchy Nick Amon by Sketchy Nick


Amon & Scylla by Talechaser

Under the Blood Moonlight

Starlight Amon by Under the Blood Moonlight

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