October 2019

The Mummer’s Month

Posted on: October 1, 2019

‘Tis time for the mummer’s month, my friends! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

‘Tis an All Saints’ Wake Glamour!

Posted on: October 3, 2019

His glamour for the month!

Praetorium Run

Posted on: October 4, 2019

Amon’s being all super serious in his glamour for his Praetorium run tonight, and that’s when he sees they have been joined by Haurchefaunt… who mysteriously ends up as the other player in all of the cutscenes.

Round Lanner Get!

Posted on: October 5, 2019

A Little All Saints’ Wake Cheer!

Posted on: October 6, 2019

Another Bird!

Posted on: October 8, 2019

Amon got his second bird tonight! That’s all I needed from this event for him, now to focus on my main!

Based on a True Story

Posted on: October 12, 2019


What’s This?

Posted on: October 18, 2019

A pumpkin carriage? And who’s that inside?

Scylla doesn’t appreciate you creepin’ out there!

Lord and Lady of the Ahriman

Posted on: October 19, 2019

Amon and Scylla in Disguise!

Posted on: October 19, 2019

Maybe they’ll let Amon in the Tower now.

Great Serpent

Posted on: October 19, 2019

All that art about the Great Serpent and I’d not unlocked it on Amon yet. So I went ahead and finished that today!

All Saints’ Wake

Posted on: October 25, 2019

Found a great spot for All Saints’ Wake shots!

Amon and Scylla Hug Nodes!

Posted on: October 28, 2019

Here’s Amon’s first attempt at designing custom Eorzean Hug Nodes.

Flying Chair

Posted on: October 29, 2019

A million thanks to Zel for crafting Amon this awesome Flying Chair mount! I found the sitting pose to be interesting and quite Amon! Now he can sit outside of his apartment complex and yell at kids to get off his lawn!

Elezen Mannequin

Posted on: October 29, 2019

I am quite pleased that my mannequin can now wear this outfit in a way that more accurately represents the original.

New Allagan Glamor

Posted on: October 31, 2019

Late Allagan caster head and body combined with Scion Traveler’s stuff since I didn’t have enough Wolf Marks for the whole set. But it’s a start! I guess Amon’s going to be out there PvPing.

Am I the only who sees the smiley face in the mask? ‘Tis actually quite friendly!

Edited to fit Amon’s imagination.

Happy Halloween

Posted on: October 31, 2019

No matter what mischief you’re up to tonight, I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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