April 2023

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Long Ears

Posted on: April 2

I didn’t think ‘twas possible for my ears to be longer!

Resplendent Tool

Posted on: April 2

I’m late to the party, but got my first Resplendent tool!

Barbie Selfie

Posted on: April 5

Amon’s here for it!

Met Tiger Friend Today!

Posted on: April 10

Just one more island creature left to catch!

Me or My Son

Posted on: April 17

(Spoiler: Not really his son…)

Crystal Lab R&D Renovation!

Posted on: April 19

Cadu approved!

Sadly, I couldn’t keep the rainbow floor project for very long (it took up a lot of slots in a private room), but I have reworked my lab once again with all the nice new Allagan projectors!

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