March 2023

Shout out to the Little Ladies (and Bards)!

Posted on: March 1

Introducing... Jockey Amon!

Posted on: March 2

Bunny Hop!

Posted on: March 7

I am absolutely, 100% on board with this!


Posted on: March 7

Amon couldn't wait for it to drop, so he just bought it.


Posted on: March 8

A modern workspace!

Umbrella Talk

Posted on: March 8

Amon discussing with Scylla why there are so many umbrellas dropping from Eurkea Orthos. Excerpt from an actual RP chat. :)

Umbrella Dance

Posted on: March 9

Don't need rain to dance!

'Tis so... THIS!

Posted on: March 9

I love this!!

The Dream

Posted on: March 9

To fill my lab floor with lights!

'Tis Glow Time!

Posted on: March 9

New Relic get!

Entertainment Terminal

Posted on: March 14

I've added an Entertainment Terminal to the booth at Tea and Tomes! Cadu greatly approves!

Allagan Barding

Posted on: March 16

Mummery is looking snazzy in his new Allagan Barding!

Rainbow Room

Posted on: March 23

Perfection! ♫♩♪♫

Discovered: Amon's Ring!

Posted on: March 24

So today I was looking at the info sheet for this week's Fashion Report and I noticed this:

The hint was "Allagan Attack" for this ring. This caught my attention.

I paused because I thought I recognized it - as the ring that boss Amon wears!

So I jumped in game to check and sure enough...

The Platinum Ring of Slaying is Amon's Ring!

It's been in the game all these years and I never realized it! It even requires Allagan Catalyst to make.

Now I wonder if I should mass produce these puppies... just to have Amon's rings out there made by Amon. XD

Well, Hello There!

Posted on: March 28

No, Cadu is not nervous about this at all. 🐍

Angry Amon

Posted on: March 30

Did someone make Amon angry?

Oh dear.

You won't like him when he's angry!

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