Tad – Amon’s younger cousin – is a character I’ve been developing on and off since Nov 24, 2019. Sometime last year, I made it official that he was my version of the Warrior of Light (Azem) – except he’s the Allagan WoL from the 4th Age! That means he’s not the current WoL and has not experienced the MSQ events. He has his own story.

I wanted to explore what the Allagan nation was like after a Calamity brought it to its knees. But at the same time, I struggled to find a way to make it so Tad could somehow exist (even if only to visit) the current time. I had ideas on how he could have helped to influence the Spot of Mummery story origins, but I just didn’t have everything in place to make that happen.

Happily, during yesterday’s brainstorming session with my co-writer, Syn, we were able to piece together enough for me to finally have the direction I’ve been needing to start this story. It’s going to be one of time travel and dimension hopping (both of which FFXIV has made canon!), and will hopefully open the door for Amon and Scylla to finally come to the First.

Ever since Shadowbringers dropped, I’ve wanted to find a way to get Amon to the Crystarium because I think it will be an important part of his future development. Now, I have a story that will lead up to that.

I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to organize these stories since one will eventually lead into the other. I did a rework of the Story Archive page to merge Spot of Mummery and Riftwalker’s Tales on one page.

I may eventually decide to end what I’ve been calling “Spot of Mummery” as a story and pick up with a new title once the two stories merge. But for now, I’m going to be focusing on Riftwalker’s Tales, which is going to take us deep into the 4th Astral Era, the Forgotten Age, where what’s left of the Allagan Empire struggles to survive in a near post-apocalyptic world (by their standards).

I’ll still be posting the Spot of Mummery story updates as I have every weekday, then backdating them to the appropriate dates in the meantime. I hope you’ll join Tad on his adventures across time and dimension as he seeks to put an end to the threat of Xande and searches for a way to bring his lost cousin back from the madness that once engulfed Amon’s life.