FFXIV Role Play Directory Submission Page

Do you have a RP character profile, RP location or RP event that you want to add to the FFXIV RP Directory? Just fill out this form and I will add it as soon as I can. Please keep in mind submissions are reviewed and added manually, so it may take a little while for yours to appear.

What will be accepted:

  • Character profile page
  • RP Location page - Your in-game Tavern, Inn, Shoppe, etc.
  • Event page - Weekly/monthly/bi-monthly events

Acceptable submissions:

  • Tumblr Page/Post
  • Personal Blog Page/Post
  • Website Page/Post
  • Carrd
  • PDF
  • Google Doc
  • Basically anything with a linkable URL!

NOTE: The Directory is not looking to link to entire RP/aesthetics blogs - the submitted link must be a URL to a single info page for your character profile, RP location or event. The idea is to get other RPers directly to the most important "about" information.

Submission Form

Name (Character/Location/Event):

Type of Submission:

FFXIV Home Server:

You prefer to RP (select all that apply):

Short Description - One or two sentences summarizing your character/location/event:

The URL to use to link to your profile or info page:

If I need to contact you about your submission via Tumblr/Twitter, what's a username I can message?