Interaction Guidelines

Here are some guidelines about interacting with Amon. 


  • The story posted here is the source of truth for my characters. 
  • My version of Amon is not Fandaniel. Much of my story was written long before Endwalker released (and even Shadowbringers!), so his development came before 6.0 changed the lore around Amon. If you’re looking to interact with Fandaniel, sorry, you won’t find that here. This is the story of what happened to the cloned version of Amon that he placed in Syrcus Tower
  • I have certain pre-developed plots for my characters’ main story. I reserve the right to determine what meshes with these plot goals. 
  • I do not engage in ERP or suggestive/adult interactions. I do not follow individuals that consistently post suggestive or NSFW content.
  • My writing remains in the realm of PG13 at all times. If I feel uncomfortable about an interaction, I will stop and make it known. 
  • I keep suggestive content, sexual content and NSFW stuff blocked on my social media accounts. I actively block tags and keywords relating to this kind of content. 
  • I’m not looking for romantic RP. Amon is currently in a relationship and this muse is single-ship only.
  • I do not RP via Discord. While I do have a Discord account, I don't give it out for RP purposes. It's a personal account only used to interact with friends and family members, and to follow channels of interest to me. 
  • I follow somewhat selectively on social media, but will interact with folks who aren’t mutuals. 

Further Info

I’m a middle-aged gamer gal IRL. I work a full-time job and am sometimes limited on my time. I will always do my best to respond to asks, posts and interactions when I see them. 

I rarely RP in game as I’m more of a story writer and blogger. However, if the whim strikes me and our characters meet in game, I just might! Know that Amon’s pretty scaled back when I play him in game just because it’s more comfortable that way for everyone (he’s a little strange sometimes)…