^The Treefort Arrives!^

Posted on: September 28, 2022

While I was waiting for the second Workshop to be completed, I set a second group of mammets on the task of further clearing the area. They did so quickly enough, and I was presented with a lovely plot that had a great overlook by the sea.

I was told this was a place for a landmark to be built. Imagine that – a landmark on my island already? Apparently, this landmark is partially for the aesthetics of the island, but also partially to bolster the morale of the mammets. As if living on a tropical island shouldn’t be enough for morale.

 Anyhow, I had my choice of items to place in this spot, but I knew when I saw it that it needed to be the treefort! In fact, I was quite eager to have a treefort of my own – and maybe to share with the mammets… just a little.

So, I gave the instructions and was informed that I’d need to wait until the following day to see the structure complete. That’s still making pretty good time, if you ask me. So wait I did.

The following day…

I returned to quite triumphant mammets, cheerfully displaying their newest work. The treefort had arrived!

And an excellent treefort ‘tis, if I might say so!

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