^Workshop Incoming!^

Posted on: September 22, 2022

Every time I turn around, those mammets are up to something else. Clearing a spot here. Clearing a spot there. I wonder if there will be much forestland left once they get done!

They are extremely industrial and good at what they do, however. So I can’t really complain.

This time, they cleared the brush and leveled area for two plots right next to the cozy cabin.

‘Twas explained to me that it was now time to build a workshop in which all the resources I’ve been gathering can be put into manufacturing goods from the island. In exchange, I would earn coins called cowries which would not only serve as wages for the mammets (hey, who said they get a cut of the profits?) but the profits could be used as I wished.

Seems to be a number of things to purchase from the shops, including island fashion. And well… you know that new fashion always catches my eye.

So I agreed to the task.

I just didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into (once more).

The mammets most cheerfully gave me the knowledge of crafting my own hammer. And I’m not talking about a hammer for nails. No.

I was out in the hot island sun breaking rocks to gather the required materials for the new workshop. Now who is doing the hard labor?!

This was not the most pleasant endeavor – and certainly not what I’d signed myself up for when coming to an island paradise. I should have known that eventually, this was where it was leading to.

Mammet island domination.

Anyhow, once I returned with the proper resources – couldn’t they have just found all those logs from when they were clearing the trees? – the mammets made good on their word and got straight to work building a new workshop.

And for what it was, ‘twas a pretty fine workshop, indeed.

I was able to speak with the mammet taskmaster and set up my own goods workflow that the mammets would then carry out. There’s a whole market of wares, it seems, with profits that rise and fall due to supply and demand.

I was never much of an economist, but I’m sure I can figure this out if I think it through.

The best thing of it all was, Furball was finally convinced of my ability to oversee the island’s progression and retired to a spot within the cabin. I’m in charge now!

And the next move was to set up a second workshop!

Those profits aren’t going to maximize themselves, after all!

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