Miitopia 4 - New Party Member!

Date Posted: 12-28-21

After a few days of travel, we were resting at the inn when a knock came at the door. Now who could that be?

Why, ‘tis none other than Tad! He’s apparently a warrior with a kind personality type.

Sure, sure. He seems polite. But if you knew him like I know him, well…

Anyhow! We added another member to the team, and one who can take a few hits. Things are shaping up!

'Tis time to go shopping for Scylla!

And somewhere down the line, I ended up with a luxury outing ticket!

I took Scylla out for an island cruise and we had a grand time!

So much, in fact, our friendship is getting a fair amount stronger!

Of course, just when things are going well, 'tis when Dark Lord Stan has to show up. Am I right?