Miitopia 6 - Fashion and New Party Member!

Date Posted: 1-5-22

It wasn’t long until we started to discover something very important – new fashion… namely, better hairstyles! Scylla was the first to get a makeover.

Then came Tad.

As for me? I kept my hairstyle because to change it meant I lost my hat. And You know how I am about my hat. Besides, I got new fashion in my own way…

Out of the blue, I received another knock at the door. This time, we were introduced to Koh!

She’s a mage in training in this world, and we were quite happy to have the extra firepower.

Tad and Koh’s friendship got off to a good start during the first few battles. Seeing that Koh was lower level with less health, and she was about to take a hit she couldn’t withstand, Tad’s Kind personality trait kicked in and he shielded her from the attack!

Way to impress the ladies, Tad!