Mocho Mayucho

Mocho spent most of his life as a Weaver by trade. It wasn't until his later years that he took up the blade and dedicated himself to becoming a Gladiator. His childhood dream was to become a Paladin of the Sultansworn, but it was not to be... until maybe... now?

Though older in years and struggling to hone new skills, the encouragement he gets from his friends keeps him going. It helps that he's a level-headed and almost fatherly figure to the more emotional members of their group. He's also quite good at dealing with money and the mercantile side of things.

Later, Amon discovers that Mocho is possibly an Echo-blessed who was hired by Gridania in order to keep an eye on him for the Council.

Author Notes

Mocho's development story is an interesting one. I knew I wanted to add a Lalafell to my main group of protagonists, but I didn't know exactly who they were going to be. At first, I was aiming for a younger Lala...

I didn't even know what the name would be, and was using a random name generator to try to find one that resonated with me. Mocho popped up, and I liked the sound of it.

Like everything I do, I did a Google search on the parts of the name. I want to make sure that I'm not using something with a bad slang or crude meaning in another language! I noticed that when I searched "mocho" a lot of pictures of owls came up.

Come to find out, mocho means "owl" in Portuguese!