Tad Kouris

Basic Information

Race: Allagan Forest Elezen

Gender: Male

Age: Middle Age

Occupation: Warrior of Light, Resistance Leader

Martial Status: Married

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Alignment: Neutral Good

Physical Appearance

Hair: Auburn brown with gold highlights

Eyes: Light green

Height: 6'5"

Build: Average, slightly muscular

Marks: Scar on his right cheek

Wardrobe: Mostly travel gear, sometimes wears a set of protective Allagan armor


Good natured, outgoing and sometimes a bit brash, Tad is genuinely friendly towards others. Open and honest, he's quick to make friends and a loyal companion. He does, however, have a bit of forest Elezen pride and can get caught up in friendly competition a little too much from time to time.

He's also not always the most knowledgeable individual, despite being from the Allagan Empire. He's only so-so when it comes to dealing with technology, and is known to crash vehicles one time too many.


Tad was born in a small Elezen hamlet located in what is currently the Black Shroud. Though this was technically property of the Allagan Empire, his people were left to follow their own practices as long as they paid proper tribute. Thus, Tad was raised with a very different mindset than most Allagans, taught to respect and honor the forest Elementals.

There, Tad established a family with his wife and daughter, and was known as a fairly skilled hunter/tracker of his people. Though his skills with technology were lacking, he made up for that with his survival skills... which would serve him well after the Calamity.

During the reign of Xande, Tad left his hamlet home to fight with the Resistance against the Allgan leadership. Not only did he truly disagree with the way the Empire was going (though he only knew a fraction of the truth), but he also sought audience with Amon, his older cousin in hopes to sway the Technologist from his path.

Sadly, this did not come to pass. Tad was stationed with the Resistance outside of Syrcus Tower when Xande attempted to open the rift to the Void. The outcome caused the Tower to sink, and the subsequent breaking of the earth itself brought about a Calamity that took the lives of many in the Empire... including Tad's comrades.

It was then that Tad was swept up in a vision unlike any other, one that appeared to have protected him during the Tower's fall. Upon waking, Tad found himself alive but completely alone in a desolate land.

In Relation To...

Tad is the younger cousin to Amon. Though Amon had no siblings of his own, Tad was the closest thing to a younger brother he knew. When Amon was taken to the Tower at a young age to learn the ways of magic and technology, the two remained in touch for several years.

However, as Amon's life started to fall apart and his mental state became more unstable, Tad eventually lost all contact with his cousin. Part of Tad's motivation to join the Resistance wasn't to strike against his cousin, but to find a way to reach Amon and persuade him from the path he chose. Only, by then, it was a little too late.