Spot of Simmery- 10: Married Life

Now that Iva and Enio have tied the knot, it's time for them to start building the foundation of their new lives together. They become pretty close with Iva's magic teacher, who stops in to visit for time to time. They also have to get creative about using the space around their house since at the time, I was playing the micro household challenge and needed to keep the house footprint under a certain size.

This meant outdoors dining (under an awning of course).

While Enio works in the tech industry, I wanted to have Iva do something more with nature. So, for the time being, I set her to build up her gardening skills. You can get a pretty good return on gardening if you really work on it in this game!

I also sent Enio into the Realm of Magic so that he could learn magic for himself. Unlike Iva, he specializes in more elemental type magics.

And also unlike Iva, he also tends to get easily distracted by his phone in class.

While the newlywed couple spends plenty of time doing things together and strengthening their relationship...

They also spend a healthy time apart enjoying their own activities such as music...



And geeky pursuits.

As money becomes less and less tight, they also start to delve into a bit more finery around the house. They expand the pool from a tiny little square into a rather proper-sized pool, for one.

And Enio upgrads his rig - a work-related cost, am I right?

Iva invests in a magical cauldron, but it mostly becomes the place where near-infinite piles of mac and cheese reside. Somehow, it never goes bad. While this isn't the best diet in the world to have, they just kept making it every time I turn around. Not that I blame them - I do love some shells and cheese myself!

Enio also splurges on a station that allows him to dabble in the world of video content creation. This adds to his fame rank and also earns a bit more cash on the side.

Things are certainly looking bright for this new family!