Spot of Simmery- 12: Amon is Born!

Things had begun to calm down and stabilize in family life, and I noticed that Iva started to wish for a child more often. Along with all the gardening hopes and wishes, it seems.

Seeing they had enough income and were doing fine otherwise, I decided it was time. Just so happens, that very day they made an attempt, it was Talk Like a Pirate Day in the Sims world. How fitting!

The option "Try for New Pirate With" just cracked me up.

And so they tried for a new pirate and their wishes were quickly granted! Iva and Enio were parents-to-be!

It was nearing the start of the winter season by then, and Iva didn't have the easiest time of it. She came down with a cold, for one - what is it with Iva getting sick during important life-changing events?

It seems like cauldron mac and cheese was on the menu for almost every meal for a while. It was just easy to fix up a whole bunch all at once, and it never goes bad! A good thing for an expecting mother.

In the meantime, Enio had bought himself a new toy - a drone which he used to record some of his online video. It's a pretty neat little gadget and the closest thing to an Allagan Node that I've seen so far. Though, Enio's real job was ramping up so his time on the side for making videos was getting quite a crunch.

Finally the day came. Enio and Iva were outside eating mac and cheese next to the cauldron on the patio. And that's where the baby arrives!

Thankfully, it's a boy!

And so Amon comes into the Sim world, all bright eyed, bushy tailed and right next to a full cauldron of mac and cheese. Who could ask for anything more?