Spot of Simmery- 3: Blast Off!

This Spot of Simmery is just a short one since exciting things will be starting next time! I still thought this was a fun little adventure.

So Enio gets invited to attend Geek Con. Right up his alley! I sent him along, hoping he'll spot Iva out there. No such luck.

Oh, well. Time to have some fun, anyhow.

Expectation: Play video games in a VR environment.

Reality: Blast off on a rocket into space!

So, apparently having space faring ships at a Geek Con is a thing (I've played with them before, but it's been a while). Enio saw other Sims doing it and decided he wanted a ride.

This launched a full-on mini choose-your-own text adventure wherein Enio's GPS immediately failed once he got out into space. Eventually, he discovered a distant satellite of some sort, though there seemed to be little of interest there. Looking closer, he discovered there was a little cave hidden under a tree.

Delving within, he found a hidden treasure cache! I told him to take it back to his ship to open it, and just in time, too. A hoard of angry spider-aliens were on his tail! He beat it out of there and somehow made it back home.

The treasure ended up being a common space rock, but Enio put it on his desk to commemorate the time he blasted off into space.

He's been to space and back, but will Enio ever meet the love of his life? Stay tuned!