Spot of Simmery- 4: There She Is!💖

I'd been sending Enio out to parties and festivals and cons all in hopes of catching a glimpse of Iva so that they could meet for the first time. I had zero luck as Spring moved into Summer.

So, Enio was invited to some other festival - I think it was the Romance Festival (hard to remember). I scanned over the Sims who loaded in with him on the lot, and didn't see Iva. Well, no luck again.

Or so I thought.

Not even a few minutes into arriving, Iva's face suddenly pops up in Enio's action bar! I was super excited - he'd found her (somehow) and was initiating a first meeting on his own!

I hover over the icon and see "Order Drink."


So I follow Enio and sure enough, Iva was working as the Mixologist in the city!

Since I hadn't played her character yet, the game had assigned her a Townie job, which was why I'd never seen her out and about - she was always at work during the day!

So I let Enio order his drink and I had him start chatting with her to break the ice. Just play it cool, man.

I'd not played Iva at all yet, so I had no idea how her character would respond. She ended up being quite outgoing and friendly, and the two of them started talking non-stop.

This... is actually something that carries forward throughout the development of their relationship - these two simply can't shut up when they're together. Fitting for Amon's parents.

Anyhow, they established a pretty solid start to their friendship, and I wanted to commemorate the meeting, so I had them take a selfie.

And... wait a sec...

Photobombed by a gnome! Well, that's a fine start to this relationship, I suppose.