Spot of Simmery- 5: Come On Over!

So, last time, Enio finally met Iva. They had a quick chat while she was working as the mixologist at the bar, and he managed to get her to agree to a selfie with him.

In the meantime, he's been making his living as a freelance programmer and fix-it guy, coding things when requested, and even releasing his first phone app – Allagan Rush!

This actually earned him some *fame*, since I have the game pack which has the fame system included. Next step is to code a full video game!

Well... maybe after he gets that blue screen taken care of.

Enio has also been consistently inviting Iva over to his place. She always seems more than happy to stop by when he calls.

They spend an eternity just sitting and talking. Seriously. I've not seen two Sims who can't stop chatting it up with each other like they do. I doesn't matter what either of them is up to, they're always talking.

This is good, though. Since the tiny house perk is that relationships build faster than normal, these two become pretty close fairly quickly. Even when other friends are over visiting, Enio and Iva can't be separated.

And that's when the first romantic gestures begin creeping into their interactions.

Well, now. I think this just might be going somewhere.

Enio, why not make your guests something tasty to keep them hanging around a bit longer?