Ben's Journal: Making the Report

Date Posted: August 9, 2020

It’s been several days since the completion of Amon’s aether extraction. I can confirm that at this point, his life-aether is stable, healthy and strengthening. It’s hard to say how long it will take for him to fully recover, at least to the point that he’s able to be up and active.

Those around him have been dutiful in watching over him. Even Zuri and Mocho took turns keeping watch, allowing the healers time for themselves. Now that the worst of it’s over, and Amon is in a stable condition, we’ve all been able to rest easier.

This also allowed me to take news of the situation back to the Elder Seedseer, as I had a notion that this would all be of interest to her. I was never fully informed of why the Seedseer Council felt the need to keep Amon on a short leash aside from the fact that his erratic behavior and corrupted aether could have posed a danger to himself and others.

There was some hushed talk that the Elementals actually were the ones who held interest in Amon. But none of that was directly expressed to me, so I can’t fully confirm if this is true, or why this would be.

Either way, the news of Amon’s condition was of great interest to the Elder Seedseer. She expressed great delight as I told her of Scylla’s experiences in his mind-scape and how Amon had made a conscious choice to release the power he’d been holding on to for so long.

“This is, indeed, encouraging news,” she told me with a bright smile. “I shall take this back to the Council and inform them.”

“I didn’t realize this was of that importance,” I admitted. “I would have brought news sooner, but I wanted to ensure that Amon’s condition was fully stable before I departed.”

“All is well. You’ve seen your duty out faithfully, my friend. I thank you.”

“You make it sound as if the job is over,” I responded with lifted eyebrows.

“If what you tell me is true, and Amon of Allag has chosen to live in Eorzea, then perhaps your duty is complete.”

I didn’t press for further information. She simply told me that she would be in touch soon.

Despite the Elder Seedseer’s confidence in the situation, I still feel both Allagans need much guidance to ensure things go smoothly. I doubt my time with them has come to an end even if the job is done.