The Release

Date Posted: August 12, 2020

There were days when his body ached so much that all Amon wanted to do was go back to sleep. Other day, like this one, things weren’t so bad. He told himself it was merely the process of his body figuring out how to piece itself back together again. 

That day, the Allagan was enjoying a sip of tea for the first time on his very own. His hands had been so shaky up until then that he’d been unable to hold a cup without fear of scalding himself. He still wasn’t properly coordinated, but it was enough to bring the cup to his lips and drink as long as he kept his focus on the process.

How much I’d taken for granted.

He was mulling over such thoughts when there came a knock at his door. 

“Aye?” The Elezen cleared his throat and struggled to form the word. It came out weaker-sounding than he’d like to hear.

Amon had expected someone like Zuri or Koh or even Scylla to appear at the foot of his bed as they had day after day. He wasn’t prepared for who actually entered the room.

“Elder Seedseer?” the Allgan nearly choked on his tea before regaining his composure.

The tiny woman paused for a moment, as if absorbing the room and everything in it before beginning. When she did speak, she acted as if she’d not seen his mishap. “Greetings, Amon. You are looking well.”

The Elezen leaned back and set the tea aside. That was an accident waiting to happen otherwise. He then schooled his expression and tried to appear casual. 

“You’re a long way from the Shroud. What brings you to these parts?”

She matched his tone, unconcerned. “Would you believe that even I like to travel sometimes? The ocean is very beautiful here at this time of year.”

He chuckled at that, remembering this as one of the things he liked most about Kan-E-Senna. She was generally calm and composed, but knew how to rise to a situation and match the tone of conversation when needed.

She could have been an actress.

“I see,” he responded, his words inviting further explanation.

Kan-E-Senna stepped closer, leaning down to inspect the Allagan. He froze, unsure of what to do, until he realized she acted with the mannerisms of every healer that ever looked over him. In fact, she’d been his healer a few times in the past. So this wasn’t unusual.

“Then it is true,” she mused as if to herself. “There’s been a great shift in your aether. You have cleansed yourself, just as I was told.”

“Aye. I had no choice.”

“That is no small feat,” she noted, recognizing his work for what it was.

“Well,” Amon preened just a little, “You know us Allagans. Always doing the impossible!”

“Indeed.” This made her crack a small smile. Then her face grew serious again. “Is it also true that you’ve put aside your ambitions for the Tower and Allag?”

The Elezen sucked a breath in through his teeth. It was all well and good to say that he’d given up his hopes of reviving Allag, but living that reality? He’d not really had to face it just yet. He’d spent most of his time recovering, after all.

“I try not to make promises I can’t keep,” Amon told her. “But ‘tis the idea.”

“I was hoping for a more concrete answer,” Kan-E-Senna lifted an eyebrow. “An important decision hinges on your conviction.”

“Oh?” He tilted his head, allowing interest to seep into his voice. “If I were to say that I no longer have intentions to return to the Tower, regain my former power and find a way to restore Allag… what would that answer mean to you?”

She shot him a coy look. One that told him plainly – Two can play this game.

“Just speaking hypothetically, I would say that the Council would be willing to revoke the order that forbade your travels to Mor Dhona. Provided that you remain on your best behavior, naturally.”

His ears perked up at this. He didn’t even try to hide his excitement. “Do you mean that?”

“Do you really think I came all this way to look at the ocean?” she responded with a hint of mirth in her eyes.

That’s when it dawned on him – this couldn’t be that easy. Amon reigned in his excitement and pursed his lips. “What’s the catch?”

“We want to ensure that you and your knowledge are on Eorzea’s side.”

The Allagan snorted through his nose. “You think I’d sell out to Garlemald?”

“To be honest, no,” Kan-E-Senna’s gaze was unwavering. “You appear to be loyal to only one Empire.”

“Aye,” Amon leaned back and crossed his arms with a dark frown. “And that one’s headed down the same path as Allag if something doesn’t change.”

They were both quite for a moment after that. Wondering if he’d pushed the conversation a bit too much into the awkward zone, Amon was the next one to speak.

“So, you think Eorzea would have me?”

“The Elementals welcome you,” she pointed out.

“’Tisn’t clear why?”

“No. But we don’t always need an answer for everything to decide on a plan of action.”

Amon mulled that over before answering. “Very well. I accept.”

You accept?” Kan-E-Senna lowered her brows for the first time.

“Aye,” Amon cracked a great smile, dropping his feet over the side of the bed and giving his fist a pump. “You may bask in the honor of knowing that the great Amon of Allag has chosen to gift his skills to the Eorzean plight.”

This earned an actual, full-out eye roll from the Elder Seedseer.

It was so unexpected that he just had to laugh, “I didn’t know you had it in you!”

“There is much and more you do not know, oh great Amon of Allag.”

“Likely,” the Elezen chuckled. “But I will enjoy the path of discovery.”

Kan-E-Senna smiled briefly before returning back to business. 

“I shall inform the Council of your decision, then. You and Scylla are hereby released from the order of restraint that denied your access to Mor Dhona and kept you under observation. As long as you give us no reason for concern, mind you.”

“Thank you, Elder Seedseer!” Amon’s words came in a surprised rush of breath.

“You’re welcome,” she told him. “For now, just rest up. We hope to hear your music back in Gridania soon.”

Even more surprised, the Elezen couldn’t keep his ears from perking. “You… listen to my music?”

Kan-E-Senna just gave a mysterious smile and strode out of the guest chambers.