Ben's Journal: Aether Extraction

Date Posted: August 8, 2020

In the aftermath of Amon’s aether extraction project, I will say that it concluded far better than I could have hoped for. Especially given the intensity and the malice of the corrupted aether that we drained, purified and released to the Lifestream.

I admit that I hadn’t expected the aether to act violently against Scylla’s presence within Amon’s mind-scape. I just knew that she had to be the one to enter that experience for things to turn out favorably. She did come away with mild aether burns, but it was something we tended to immediately upon the end of the procedure.

She didn’t allow the shock of the experience to slow her down, either. As soon as she’d a bit of rest and recovery, Scylla was right back to watching over Amon.

Amon himself is in a state of aether regeneration, and is not always fully awake or aware of his surroundings. As soon as we’d purged enough of his aether, I put his choker back on him. Then, with a bit of reverse aether flow, I was successful in getting the crystal stone within the choker to begin the process of aether restoration.

It now serves as an aether siphon, drawing natural and clean life energy into Amon’s body. Our hope is that it will heal the damage wrought by the corrupted aether, and see his life force recharged.

This is a very slow process, however, and must be carefully monitored. I believe that Scylla has all that well in hand, and have high hopes that Amon will make a full recovery given enough time.