Tomestone Journal: The Crystal Tower and More Towers

Date Posted: November 11, 2021

Strange things have been happening around Eorzea as of late. Things that are not being well-broadcasted amongst the population. I’m quite familiar to this means of controlling information in order to prevent uprisings or panic… but I think at this point, ‘tis out of the hands of whomever thought to control such things.

In fact, ‘tis plain as day.

A good while back, Noah dropped me the hint that something big was going on at Syrcus Tower. The Sons were out in force, scrambling about the base of the Tower – looking for or researching something that they had kept tightly under wraps.

It seems even Koh was not let in on exactly what the operation was, other than it had to do with the Warrior of Light. And then, the Warrior of Light (along with the majority of the Scions) was proposed missing in action for a period of time afterwards.

Odd, don’t you think? I do.

Whatever got the hustle and bustle going around the Tower has just as quickly ceased. Mayhaps they found what they were searching for? And then, the presence of the Scions was once again seen and felt thereafter.

Again, odd.

Not only that, but ‘twasn’t much time before new, strange towers did appear. I saw my first tower when I was out on business near Camp Tranquil. I admit, when I caught sight of it, it left me with chills. The way the aether gathers and distorts about this tower is more than merely disturbing – it speaks all volumes of trouble.

And then I hear that these towers are being seen the world over. Not just Eorzea, but in the lands to the far east as well. Though the general populace isn’t receiving much in the way of information – aside from not approaching the towers – I can only harbor one guess as to what sort of influence could create and maintain such structures.

I’ve even heard whisper the phrase “the end of days” though I know naught what that may point to. ‘Tis a true frustration for me to have left one era for another… only to see things end in a way in which I have no part to play. Surely, ‘tis something I can do, though I lack the idea of what.

Needless to say, Scylla and I have been keeping our ear to the ground and an eye on the movements of the Scions as much as we can without putting ourselves in danger of being discovered. Where this shall lead us, I don’t yet know. But if the lands are in peril, I do know that I cannot idly sit by and watch it happen.