A Little Light Orchestration - Part 2

Date Posted: May 5, 2022

Amon’s head jerked up, staring in shock at how nonchalantly his cousin had just spoken those words. He felt a pressure growing in his chest, and knew instantly what it meant. He’d felt this too many times before not to know. He was about to do something that he might later regret. 

“What do you mean? You can… open the gates?” 

“Well, not exactly. ‘Tis not what you think. But I do have access to the Tower.” 

The Allagan was on his feet instantly, a prickling of excitement rushing over his skin. If this was true – if Tad really could get them inside the Tower – then maybe he could find access to not only Clio’s documents, but any other knowledge the Tower hid about himself… about everything. 

Who was Fandaniel and why was he now connected to the end of days? Why did the Ascians create him – a clone of Amon – to stand watch over the fall of Allag? 

Why did a being of such power stand by and do nothing as Allag fell to ruin? If this Fandaniel really did once live as himself, Amon couldn’t begin to understand why he’d abandoned everything – his whole life’s work. 

“Can you get me inside the Tower?” Amon asked, his gaze locked on Tad with great intensity. 

“’Tis… what you really want?” His cousin asked, his voice shaky with a hint of guilt. 

“’Tis what I want more than anything.” 

He’d made a promise. A promise to give up the desire of the power that Syrcus Tower could grant him. He hadn’t forgotten that promise. 

However, he wasn’t seeking to enter the Tower now for empowerment and status, but rather knowledge. Knowledge about himself and what all of this meant. Knowledge that could possibly even unlock doors to figuring out who this Fandaniel was… and how to stop the end of days.

That wouldn’t be bad, would it? That wasn’t breaking his promise. 

Then, there was poor Tad, caught there in the middle, unknowing and full of guilt for having to have been the one to bring this all down on his own cousin. It wasn’t manipulation to ask family for a favor if they were willing to do it, was it? 

Tad was the Warrior of Light, even if from another time. When was the last time the Warrior of Light didn’t help someone in need? 

And why couldn’t he, Amon, be someone in need for once? 

“Very well,” Tad answered after a moment. “I suggest you pack your things, however. ‘Tisn’t going to be a short trip.” 

Amon’s earlier trepidation was almost completely overwritten with his excitement. “Aye. I doubt it will be, either.” 

No one saw Amon as he swept like a whirlwind of cloak into his personal quarters, throwing open the wardrobe and spending little to no time plucking what he thought he’d need for his upcoming trip. He had no idea how long he’d be gone – other than the fact that Tad concluded it wouldn’t be short. 

The Allagan pondered briefly about this statement as he gathered his personal items, stuffing them in a travel bag. He had thought at first that Tad didn’t know the trouble he was inviting – that Amon reuniting with the Tower wasn’t likely to be a quick trip. 

Even if he didn’t intend to seek power, nor did he still hope to revive the lost days of Allag anymore, there was still much that he knew could benefit his situation. Hunting the information he wanted was first and foremost, of course. But could it really hurt to do a few other things while he was there – namely, secure a way in and out of the Tower for his own use in the future. 

He also wanted to run a few tests of his own. Would the Tower still recognize him? It did not respond to his commands from the outside, but from within might be a different story. Especially if he were to engage directly with the control systems. 

Getting an inventory on the Tower’s tech was also at the top of his list. He needed to know what all he had to work with and how much remained functional in the forced dormant state. 

So many questions. So many plans. Maybe all this bad news could be turned to something productive instead. 

Such were Amon’s thoughts as he finished packing his bag and drawing the strings tight. With a swift motion, he cast it over his shoulder, and made his way to the door. 

A slight twinge of guilt came upon him knowing that he was leaving without goodbyes or even leaving a note to say he would be okay. If they were to know his intentions were to breach the Tower, what would they do? No doubt, all the good will he’d built up with Scylla and the others would fly out the window immediately. 

Would they believe him if he said he merely needed knowledge? 

No. Not likely. 

So as Amon made for the door of the Free Company house only to be stopped by the voice of Koh, he winced.