A Little Light Orchestration - Part 3

Date Posted: May 6, 2022

“Amon?” she called to him. “Are you going somewhere?” 

“Oh,” the Elezen turned on his heel, quickly pasting a friendly smile over the wince. “Oh, aye. Tad and I were just going for a roundabout.”

Koh eyed his bag suspiciously. “Roundabout? That seems like a pretty hefty bag.” 

Amon made a sound in the back of his throat, “Ahugh… you know us bards. We always have to carry several outfits for the proper occasion.” 

“So you’re after a gig or something?” 

He gave a casual shrug, “Mayhaps. I’ll find out when I get there.” 

She didn’t look convinced. “You weren’t going to tell anyone you were leaving?” 

“I didn’t realize anyone was about.” 

“A note?” she suggested. 

“Well, I did just have a talk with Zuri,” he said honestly. “I figured she might let you all know if I didn’t see you on the way out. Which I have. So, now you know, aye?” 

Koh’s mouth pressed into a thin line. It was obvious she was suspicious, but he was countering her questioning with what seemed like plausible answers, leaving it difficult for her to continue to prod him without seeming nosey and rude. He knew Koh well enough to know she would rather stick to polite social interactions than rock the boat. 

“Yes,” she finally answered with a sigh. “Whatever you’re up to, be careful.” 

“Don’t worry,” Amon flashed a grin. “I have Tad with me.” 

“Your cousin?” 

“Aye,” he shifted the weight of his pack on his shoulder. It was already starting to smart. 

“I’m not sure that’s much of a relief,” Koh retorted with a hint of sass to her tone. 

She was trying to joke it off. So Amon just broadened his grin. 

“I’ll see you later,” the Elezen said with a slight wave. 

“Be careful,” she told him. 

And with that, he was out the door and down the street. Heading towards his destiny. 

Koh tried to school the worry from her expression until after Amon left. She knew he was up to something – she’d known him long enough to recognize when his charm and casual demeanor was a cover up for things he didn’t want someone else to know. She just couldn’t put her finger on what exactly he was getting into. 

She also didn’t know if it was her place to pry. He’d not come to her with any talk of the things that had happened as of late. Still, Koh was aware of the rumors circulating. 

She’d come to understand Amon was dealing with a crippling truth of his past – that things were not as he thought they were. This had come as a surprise to her, and to Noah as well. Even the Archmagus could not have predicted the things that had come to light about Amon as of late. 

So it was little wonder that the Allagan was acting strangely. He had a lot on his mind, if nothing else. The appearance of his cousin (from out of nowhere) was also a bit concerning. However, when she spoke with Scylla about the situation, she provided reassurances that Tad meant no harm. 

At that moment, Koh was searching for the White Mage. If Scylla knew about this latest development, then maybe it was fine. If she didn’t, then maybe she could do something about it. 

Steeling herself, the Miqo’te knocked lightly at the chamber doors. When Scylla’s voice responded from within, Koh poked her head in shyly. 

“I’m sorry to bother you, Scylla. But I think Amon might be up to something you should know about.”