Unexpected Visitor

Date Posted: October 2, 2018

Things had been pretty quiet around the Free Company house since both Zuri and Amon had been out adventuring in Yanxia. They’d not really given Koh a timeline to expect a return, but as their leave of absence stretched on into moons, it was only the occasional linkpearl message that told her they were doing okay.

The Elezen had apparently gotten caught up in some Eastern studies he wanted to pursue, and that had extended their stay. Far be it that Koh could argue about getting lost in research.

So, she’d tried hard to pushed aside her concerns. After all, if Amon happened to blow up Yanxia in whatever hairbrained plans he came up with, news of that would be on everyone’s lips in Shirogane the very day.

Instead, she’d put the quiet time to use, decorating the once-bare Free Company house with a few pieces of furniture that they could afford. And, once the environment was more conducive to thought, she could often be found curled up next to the very short Hingan-style desk, working on her own studies.

Her newly published Allagan research papers had gained her some leverage among her peers, with much thanks to hints Amon offered. He wouldn’t tell her everything, of course – he frowned upon handing that kind of knowledge out so freely. And she would not take the easy road in her own research. It wouldn’t be real research if she didn’t find most of the answers for herself. But the recognition she earned had encouraged her to redouble her efforts. 

It was on one of those quiet afternoons that her studies were interrupted by an unexpected knock on the door of the Free Company house. This was not the standard happening around there, to be certain. Their group was a small one, and though they’d taken in a few more adventurers as time went on, anyone who had reason to be there would not be knocking on the door to gain entrance.

They did not often get travellers, either, now that she considered it. They were positioned up on the great hillside, away from the docks. So those who were moving through Shirogane for whatever business tended to keep to the houses much closer to the shore.

Pressing her lips together, Koh left her books and answered the door. What she found on the other side was even more puzzling. 

A small woman stood there, her violet hair frosted with light touches of white, and her striking blood-red eyes shone with intense purpose. She bore a staff at her back that marked her as a Conjurer – perhaps a White Mage. It was hard to say as Koh, despite being a healer herself, never spent much time studying those in Gridania.

What business would a Conjurer have there at their Free Company house? Maybe they’d sent someone to check up on Amon’s recovery – though she thought that was doubtful. His illness had passed so long ago, and certainly they knew he was out on leave.

“Hello,” Koh addressed the visitor, certain this woman had mistook her destination. “Is there something I can do to help you?”