A Kinder Way - Part 2

Date Posted: August 25, 2019

Amon sat there quietly as the words sank in. At first, was hard for him to wrap his mind around.

She’s terrified of you.

Good! That’s what he wanted!


But, no.

Why? What was the point?

It was already established that Scylla had nothing to do with Clio’s death. That he’d acted in blind rage, taken out his self-loathing anger on her, all before ever confirming the validity of his accusation.

He was in the wrong there.

But what about all those other times? Times when she taunted and teased and looked down on him for not being nobility as she was? Times when she got her friends to gang up on him and…

Really? Was he really going to hold these childish antics over Scylla’s head, claiming she deserved this from him for something she did a lifetime ago?

Sure, they never got along well. Sure, they always fought like cats and hounds. Sure, she pulled his ears and called him names and embarrassed him in front of peers. Still, they had been naught but children.

But Amon knew what he was doing to her now.

He knew Koh was right. That he spoke words chosen specifically to terrorize his rival. That he lorded over her when she broke down, smug, reminding her of his terrible act… and hinting that he wouldn’t hesitate to recreate that torture should it empower him.

On a smaller scale, it did empower him. Sure, he took the physical brunt of it. But somewhere inside, Amon knew that he’d pushed Scylla to that breaking point, where she lost all control and lashed out in return.

She gave up herself. Her dignity. And her confidence.

Even when he lost, he won.

Koh stood there silently for a time, watching Amon’s expressions shift slightly, trying to read his response. He’d said nothing. But that was his way – to get lost in his mind when something big and new was introduced.

How he couldn’t see this for himself, she didn’t know. Or perhaps, he didn’t care. That thought sent a shiver through her.

“Amon?” she finally prompted.

His gold eyes flicked to her, waking from the depth of his thoughts.

“Perhaps you’re correct,” the Elezen said, pursing his lips. “However, she didn’t give any warning today. Sometimes I do goad her on. Yet, I didn’t think I said or did anything that terrible this time.”

“It doesn’t take much,” Koh told him. She also grew calmer, seeing that he was open to discussion. “This sort of emotion builds up, until any little wrong thing can set it off.”

“Then what am I supposed to do? School everything I say for worry that she’s going to attack me?”

The girl crossed her arms. “You can start by cutting the announcements of world domination and your intentions to earn back your power from the Tower.”

Amon huffed at that.

“You told me you weren’t going to do that anymore,” Koh reminded him.

“I told you I couldn’t promise, but that I would try.”

“Try harder.”

“No promises.”