To Build a Lab - Part 2

Date Posted: March 31, 2020

Amon knocked lightly at the door and gave a call, “Koh? You there? Can I come in?”

After a moment, he heard what appeared to be a muffled response of affirmation, so he slowly pushed the door inward and took a step inside of her chambers. Unlike himself, Koh had spent time and effort decorating this area of the Free Company house. While she mostly used it for her own studies and recreation, she’d also set it up to function as a guest area should they ever receive visitors.

Koh was sitting at the table, looking over a set of documents as he approached. Her ears twitched slightly, and she pulled her attention away from the papers with a hint of regret.

Whatever fascinated her there, Amon was sure he could top with his upcoming suggestion. At least, he hoped that she’d see it that way.

“Amon?” she asked, leaning back slightly in the chair.

The Elezen didn’t ask permission, he simply pulled another chair up to the table and sat. He made his motions businesslike, indicating he had something important on his mind.

“I know this is sudden,” Amon told her, not exactly sure where to start. “But I need to ask for your help.”

Her eyebrows lifted, and then a teasing smile crossed her lips. “The great Amon of the Tower requests my lowly help?”

He snorted. “You’ve been taking lessons from Noah, I see.”

“Maybe a little.” Koh laughed with a gentle sound, then put her pen down, giving her full attention. “What can I do for you, Amon?”

The Allagan ran his tongue over his lips, still trying to decide where to start. He’d not really involved her in how the situation had unfolded. Though, there was one connection she had to it from long ago.

“Do you remember the choker that you and Noah made for me?” He touched the metal of the choker lightly with one finger to indicate it.

“Of course. The one that helps to regulate your aether. Is something wrong with it?”

“No… no,” Amon replied. “In fact, it’s done more than its share of saving my sorry tail.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” Koh arched her eyebrow again, her tone of voice questioning him.

“The thing is,” he leaned forward in his chair, “I’ve since discovered that the aether sickness I’ve experienced is…”

Amon hesitated. He hadn’t needed to speak this out loud before, and found it difficult to say it now. Admitting weakness of any sort was not his way.

Koh tilted her head, seeming to sense his struggle. Then she reached across the table and placed her hand over his hand.

The Elezen nearly jerked back in surprise at her touch, but forced his hand to remain where it was. He allowed his eyes to meet hers, then he let out a long breath.

“Whatever’s going on, I want to help,” she reinforced. “You know that.”

Amon felt his throat tighten. He didn’t know what to say to that – he wasn’t used to this sort of selfless kindness. Where he came from, favors were things you sold and bought. Sometimes with blood. 

“The situation is not good,” he finally swallowed.

“How bad?” The color drained slightly from Koh’s cheeks as she stared at him.

Amon looked away. “If I cannot find an answer, this will eventually be fatal.”