To Build a Lab - Part 3

Date Posted: April 1, 2020

Koh sucked in her breath. He couldn’t see her reaction, but her hand was shaking over top of his.

Suddenly, Amon felt bad for what he was doing – dropping this on the girl so suddenly. Putting this kind of responsibility on her. He reached over and placed his other hand on hers, a motion meant to steady her.

“How…” her voice wavered, then she cleared her throat. “How can you say that so calmly?”

“’Tisn’t as hard to face death the second time around,” he fibbed.

Koh pursed her lips. “I know you. And that’s not true.”

Amon chuckled somberly, “Aye.”

They were both quiet for a moment. Her hand on his. His on hers. But she’d finally calmed enough for the conversation to continue.

“So how can I do anything to help you? I’m no aetherologist.”

“I have a few theories,” he told her. “But all of them require me to build a lab to explore. And a lab needs equipment, as you well know. The kind of equipment and resources I cannot get here.”

“You want me to seek aid from the Sons?” Koh jumped to a conclusion he hadn’t yet considered.

It was quite likely that the Sons of Saint Coinach might have some relics that could prove useful to him. But would that risk Koh’s position and reputation?

Amon blinked at that, “That hadn’t crossed my mind, to be honest. Do you think there’s a possibility?”

“Maybe, but…” She looked troubled, then shook her head. “What else were you considering?”

“Ben is willing to travel to Azys Lla to scavenge resources for me,” he answered. “But he needs someone to go with him who knows enough about Allagan technology to bring back the equipment I need.”

Koh’s eyes grew round. She was starting to see where this was going.

“I thought that between you and Noah–”

“Are you serious?” She was on her feet now, the fur on her tail standing on end.

Amon leaned back in his chair, uncertain as to how to take this reaction.

“You want me to go to Azys Lla? Explore in-tact Allagan structures and bring back Allagan technology?” Koh’s voice was rising an octave per sentence.

“Only… if… you agree to it.”

The girl was now bouncing in place so much that she had to adjust her glasses before they toppled from her nose. “Oh my gosh! Azys Lla!”

The Elezen watched her with a relieved chuckle. She was excited to go. That was so like Koh. 

“I wish I could go with you,” Amon told her somberly. “But Ben will keep you safe, I’m confident. And I can make a list of everything I’m looking for. Likely, you will have a chartered airship and all that you need for the expedition.”

“You don’t mind if I document… stuff?”

“No, of course not,” he answered gently. “So does this mean you’ll go?”

Koh fell silent for a moment, as if realizing that she was exalting over something that was very serious to him. Quickly, she apologized, “I’m sorry. Yes, I’ll go. Even if it wasn’t an Allagan expedition… you know I’d help you if I could.”

“Aye,” he said faintly.

She reached out and gave his arm an encouraging squeeze. “Just leave it to Noah and I. We’ll find the things you need. I promise.”

Amon smiled at this. And actually, it did make him feel better.